MAFS: Second Chances- Season Finale: Eyes on the Prize



Somebody hold my wig. My edges have been completely snatched.

It took me a WHOLE week to write this recap because I was just so confused, stressed and overwhelmed. Y’all saw the season finale. Let’s jump right in.

Ok, so last week we saw how David and Vanessa’s trial marriage to Isabella and Dre went, living together for a week. This week, it was Shannon and Tara’s turn to try their hand at being spouses.

The couples check out their new digs, and Shannon and Vanessa seem super excited to experience this together. As we all witnessed, their courtship was always a little rocky.  From “I can’t be serious,” to the T-shirt from Thailand, it was always up in the air how far Shannon was going to make it. During the tour of the house, Vanessa suggests that at least for the first night, they sleep in separate beds.


Vanessa’s reasoning was that she just spent a week sharing the bed with Dre and to jump into bed with Shannon immediately just makes her uncomfortable, and frankly, I understand.
Over dinner, they have a discussion and you can tell that y’alls friend Shannon is just not feeling the arrangement. Vanessa thinks it would be best based on the history of their relationship, and suggests that they speak to Pastor Calvin about it before they hop under the sheets together. Shannon is protesting and putting up a fuss, talking about his comfort and at THIS point, I’m giving him the hugest side eye.

Shannon, sir. You been sleeping alone this whole time, what’s one more night? Boy. Good night. Go to Ikea, get you a body pillow and leave Vanessa alone.

In Tara and Dave’s house, they’re toasting to “new beginnings and second chances” and I'm just gushing. Team Tara, where y’all at?? I’m a sucker for a good story and the fact that she and David reconnected after five years, and she’s made it down to the final two, just has me all in my feels. They’re getting ready for bed, and telling each other the great qualities that they’re finding in one another, and I'm thinking,  "finally, Dave is finally making decisions in his best interests." Tara is good for him, and although I love Isabella, I’m firmly rooted and invested in him going this route.

Pastor Calvin comes over the next day and sits down with Shannon and Vanessa to discuss the same bed incident, and Pastor Cal sides with Vanessa on the issue. It comes out that Shannon needs reassurance that someone is interested in him, and to him that means that they’re fully involved in each other’s lives.  Pastor Cal explains that as the man of the house, and a potential husband, his job is to make her comfortable, even if that means that he has to take a back seat on what it is what he wants. He needs to be confident.

Pastor Calvin: I believe Shannon dropped the ball on this one. This shows a great deal of insecurity on his part.


I think we’d all agree.

Pastor Cal gives them an assignment to feed each other blindfolded and trust to be fed by the other person, which should should help them learn to build on each other and the relationship.
Shannon starts with feeding her carrots, and then strawberries, and Vanessa gives him a sour patch kid, and jalapeño. They for sure have a sexual chemistry that we can all see. I’ll admit that it was making me super uncomfortable, mainly because I’m definitely Team Andre. At this point, I became concerned.

Pastor Cal also visits Dave and Tara and discusses with them how they think their relationship is moving along. It’s very evident at least to me, that Tara is very into Dave. Dave likes the attention, but I was actively hoping and praying that he returned the energy. Pastor Cal challenges them to plan a romantic and thoughtful gesture for one another, which I loved. Dave plans this football themed living room picnic with matching shirts and the picture that they took together 5 years ago. Tara takes David to a river in the woods, where she explained that they were both lighting Chinese lanterns and floating them in remembrance of their fathers.


I really do love them together. This is so perfect.

Shannon takes Vanessa on a surprise date to a helicopter ride.

Couple things: 1. Vanessa’s skirt was cayuttee! Go girl.

2. As scary as my ass is of heights, I would have definitely had to take a Xanex or something, however-- I can appreciate the gesture. That was an idea that was out of the box and something that Vanessa seemed to really enjoy and appreciate—evident by the kisses she kept giving him.

It’s heading towards the end of the week, and they meet at a donut shop to discuss the decision she has to make. I can tell that their relationship seems to have grown and has gotten Vanessa really thinking about who she wants to be with. David and Tara have a last minute conversation as well over dinner and Tara lays it all out there for him—saying how much she cares and wants to be with him.

On the last night, Shannon and Vanessa have on matching pajama onesies.

Us when Shannon comes out:

They have a slumber party and give each other massages. There’s definitely lots of sexual chemistry, but something tells me that it might not be enough to sustain the relationship.

It’s decision time, and at this point, I am fully invested.  I want to come to the weddings! I will be David and Tara’s Flower Girl. I want to plan Vanessa’s Bridal Shower. We’re all besties!

David and Vanessa are on their way to the meet their singles, and I am freaking tf out. In my heart of hearts, I felt like I knew who each were gonna choose. But then I’m like… we can’t put anything past our boy Dave… I mean, he sent Jordyn and Misha home and I was thoroughly confused when he did that, so who even knows? I started stress eating chicken wings.

Watching Vanessa get ready, (hey girl, that dress is cuttteeee) was tap dancing on my nerves too, I knew Dre was best for Vanessa since I saw his blonde top bounce into the room at the first meeting, and I was hoping that last minute Shannon wasn’t able to ruin that. (No shade, beloved)

Isabella shows up first to speak to David. They sit on the couch and discuss their relationship so far. They toast, and talk about their how many good times they had. Then…

David: I want to be in a relationship, I want to be married, and I feel like, we’re not quite there.


Y’all know I have nothing against Isabella. But the child is 24. When I was 24, I was getting drunk on a Tuesday, and falling asleep in my clothes. (Disclaimer: I may or may not still do that—but I digress) She’s too young to commit to someone on David’s level, and I think he made the right choice… finally. Isabella looks visibly disappointed, gives a shallow hug goodbye and leaves. I feel bad for her, but I believe this is best for both of them.

Next up: Shannon.

That’s a nice suit, I’ll say that much.  They meet on the couch and discuss their relationship and how many ups and downs they’ve had so far. Vanessa admits that it’s been an awesome experience, but at the end of the day, she thinks that he should be with someone different.

Shannon: I agree.

Me: Uhhh.

Shannon: You’re gonna live your life and be happy. I’m gonna live my life and be happy… (To us) Maybe I’m dodging a bullet.


Shannon… was all that necessary boo? You feeling some type of way? Looks like Vanessa made the right decision anyways. Just go home and back to your body pillow.

Tara’s turn!!

At this point, I’m super excited, and planning my flight to Atlanta because I am just ready to attend this good wedding and eat all the hors d'oeuvres and turn up at the open bar. But then…

David: I want to get down on one knee and propose to you and be happy for the rest of our lives. But I just couldn’t get there.


Babbbbbbyyyyy, I fell out. What is happening??? David said he loved her just two days prior and then broke up with her tonight?  He’s left empty handed, and not marrying anyone, and not a date in sight. I was clutching my imaginary pearls for dear life and my blood pressure went through the roof. David, you ok??

And poor Tara. Just crying and carrying on. I felt so bad for her. I’m so sorry this happened to you, sis. We were all on your team.


Vanessa?? Girl, Don’t disappoint me.

Andre walks through the doors looking amazing per usual, and he and Vanessa get to discussing their relationship.

Andre: I was going to read this card to you, but *rips card in half* I can’t put on paper what you mean to me.

*insert me, freaking tf out* 

So they continue to discuss their time together and Andre tells her how much of a better person she can make him and has made him already, and how they have grown and will continue to grow. And then…

He gets down on one knee…


Andre: Will you marry me?

When I tell y’all, I screamed?? Carried on like I was the one who helped him pick out the ring! Like it was ME being proposed to. And our girl said yes!


I am so happy at this outcome, and didn't I tell y'all this would happen? They look so cute together, and I know this will be a union that will only get better and I am so excited.

As for David…  I still have hope that he’ll find love soon. I know he’s a hopeless romantic and I feel for him, but maybe a couple more sessions with the relationship experts will put him in a better place.

Love is an amazing thing when it’s with the right person, and I truly wish that each one of us find it. 

I'm happy that Vanessa and Andre were able to do just that. 


It's over and done. What a journey.

Girl. And we got a whole wedding to plan!