MAFS: Second Chances- Season Finale: Eyes on the Prize



Somebody hold my wig. My edges have been completely snatched.

It took me a WHOLE week to write this recap because I was just so confused, stressed and overwhelmed. Y’all saw the season finale. Let’s jump right in.

Ok, so last week we saw how David and Vanessa’s trial marriage to Isabella and Dre went, living together for a week. This week, it was Shannon and Tara’s turn to try their hand at being spouses.

The couples check out their new digs, and Shannon and Vanessa seem super excited to experience this together. As we all witnessed, their courtship was always a little rocky.  From “I can’t be serious,” to the T-shirt from Thailand, it was always up in the air how far Shannon was going to make it. During the tour of the house, Vanessa suggests that at least for the first night, they sleep in separate beds.


Vanessa’s reasoning was that she just spent a week sharing the bed with Dre and to jump into bed with Shannon immediately just makes her uncomfortable, and frankly, I understand.
Over dinner, they have a discussion and you can tell that y’alls friend Shannon is just not feeling the arrangement. Vanessa thinks it would be best based on the history of their relationship, and suggests that they speak to Pastor Calvin about it before they hop under the sheets together. Shannon is protesting and putting up a fuss, talking about his comfort and at THIS point, I’m giving him the hugest side eye.

Shannon, sir. You been sleeping alone this whole time, what’s one more night? Boy. Good night. Go to Ikea, get you a body pillow and leave Vanessa alone.

In Tara and Dave’s house, they’re toasting to “new beginnings and second chances” and I'm just gushing. Team Tara, where y’all at?? I’m a sucker for a good story and the fact that she and David reconnected after five years, and she’s made it down to the final two, just has me all in my feels. They’re getting ready for bed, and telling each other the great qualities that they’re finding in one another, and I'm thinking,  "finally, Dave is finally making decisions in his best interests." Tara is good for him, and although I love Isabella, I’m firmly rooted and invested in him going this route.

Pastor Calvin comes over the next day and sits down with Shannon and Vanessa to discuss the same bed incident, and Pastor Cal sides with Vanessa on the issue. It comes out that Shannon needs reassurance that someone is interested in him, and to him that means that they’re fully involved in each other’s lives.  Pastor Cal explains that as the man of the house, and a potential husband, his job is to make her comfortable, even if that means that he has to take a back seat on what it is what he wants. He needs to be confident.

Pastor Calvin: I believe Shannon dropped the ball on this one. This shows a great deal of insecurity on his part.


I think we’d all agree.

Pastor Cal gives them an assignment to feed each other blindfolded and trust to be fed by the other person, which should should help them learn to build on each other and the relationship.
Shannon starts with feeding her carrots, and then strawberries, and Vanessa gives him a sour patch kid, and jalapeño. They for sure have a sexual chemistry that we can all see. I’ll admit that it was making me super uncomfortable, mainly because I’m definitely Team Andre. At this point, I became concerned.

Pastor Cal also visits Dave and Tara and discusses with them how they think their relationship is moving along. It’s very evident at least to me, that Tara is very into Dave. Dave likes the attention, but I was actively hoping and praying that he returned the energy. Pastor Cal challenges them to plan a romantic and thoughtful gesture for one another, which I loved. Dave plans this football themed living room picnic with matching shirts and the picture that they took together 5 years ago. Tara takes David to a river in the woods, where she explained that they were both lighting Chinese lanterns and floating them in remembrance of their fathers.


I really do love them together. This is so perfect.

Shannon takes Vanessa on a surprise date to a helicopter ride.

Couple things: 1. Vanessa’s skirt was cayuttee! Go girl.

2. As scary as my ass is of heights, I would have definitely had to take a Xanex or something, however-- I can appreciate the gesture. That was an idea that was out of the box and something that Vanessa seemed to really enjoy and appreciate—evident by the kisses she kept giving him.

It’s heading towards the end of the week, and they meet at a donut shop to discuss the decision she has to make. I can tell that their relationship seems to have grown and has gotten Vanessa really thinking about who she wants to be with. David and Tara have a last minute conversation as well over dinner and Tara lays it all out there for him—saying how much she cares and wants to be with him.

On the last night, Shannon and Vanessa have on matching pajama onesies.

Us when Shannon comes out:

They have a slumber party and give each other massages. There’s definitely lots of sexual chemistry, but something tells me that it might not be enough to sustain the relationship.

It’s decision time, and at this point, I am fully invested.  I want to come to the weddings! I will be David and Tara’s Flower Girl. I want to plan Vanessa’s Bridal Shower. We’re all besties!

David and Vanessa are on their way to the meet their singles, and I am freaking tf out. In my heart of hearts, I felt like I knew who each were gonna choose. But then I’m like… we can’t put anything past our boy Dave… I mean, he sent Jordyn and Misha home and I was thoroughly confused when he did that, so who even knows? I started stress eating chicken wings.

Watching Vanessa get ready, (hey girl, that dress is cuttteeee) was tap dancing on my nerves too, I knew Dre was best for Vanessa since I saw his blonde top bounce into the room at the first meeting, and I was hoping that last minute Shannon wasn’t able to ruin that. (No shade, beloved)

Isabella shows up first to speak to David. They sit on the couch and discuss their relationship so far. They toast, and talk about their how many good times they had. Then…

David: I want to be in a relationship, I want to be married, and I feel like, we’re not quite there.


Y’all know I have nothing against Isabella. But the child is 24. When I was 24, I was getting drunk on a Tuesday, and falling asleep in my clothes. (Disclaimer: I may or may not still do that—but I digress) She’s too young to commit to someone on David’s level, and I think he made the right choice… finally. Isabella looks visibly disappointed, gives a shallow hug goodbye and leaves. I feel bad for her, but I believe this is best for both of them.

Next up: Shannon.

That’s a nice suit, I’ll say that much.  They meet on the couch and discuss their relationship and how many ups and downs they’ve had so far. Vanessa admits that it’s been an awesome experience, but at the end of the day, she thinks that he should be with someone different.

Shannon: I agree.

Me: Uhhh.

Shannon: You’re gonna live your life and be happy. I’m gonna live my life and be happy… (To us) Maybe I’m dodging a bullet.


Shannon… was all that necessary boo? You feeling some type of way? Looks like Vanessa made the right decision anyways. Just go home and back to your body pillow.

Tara’s turn!!

At this point, I’m super excited, and planning my flight to Atlanta because I am just ready to attend this good wedding and eat all the hors d'oeuvres and turn up at the open bar. But then…

David: I want to get down on one knee and propose to you and be happy for the rest of our lives. But I just couldn’t get there.


Babbbbbbyyyyy, I fell out. What is happening??? David said he loved her just two days prior and then broke up with her tonight?  He’s left empty handed, and not marrying anyone, and not a date in sight. I was clutching my imaginary pearls for dear life and my blood pressure went through the roof. David, you ok??

And poor Tara. Just crying and carrying on. I felt so bad for her. I’m so sorry this happened to you, sis. We were all on your team.


Vanessa?? Girl, Don’t disappoint me.

Andre walks through the doors looking amazing per usual, and he and Vanessa get to discussing their relationship.

Andre: I was going to read this card to you, but *rips card in half* I can’t put on paper what you mean to me.

*insert me, freaking tf out* 

So they continue to discuss their time together and Andre tells her how much of a better person she can make him and has made him already, and how they have grown and will continue to grow. And then…

He gets down on one knee…


Andre: Will you marry me?

When I tell y’all, I screamed?? Carried on like I was the one who helped him pick out the ring! Like it was ME being proposed to. And our girl said yes!


I am so happy at this outcome, and didn't I tell y'all this would happen? They look so cute together, and I know this will be a union that will only get better and I am so excited.

As for David…  I still have hope that he’ll find love soon. I know he’s a hopeless romantic and I feel for him, but maybe a couple more sessions with the relationship experts will put him in a better place.

Love is an amazing thing when it’s with the right person, and I truly wish that each one of us find it. 

I'm happy that Vanessa and Andre were able to do just that. 


It's over and done. What a journey.

Girl. And we got a whole wedding to plan! 


MAFS: Second Chances- Episode 10: House & Home


What in the hell is going on with our friend David? I know what I said. I wasn't getting involved—but like, where is the joke? Where's Ashton, because I’m convinced we’re all being punk’d, You mean to tell me that MELIKA of all people, makes it down to the final 3, at which point she, not only tells you that she doesn’t want to move in with you, but also reveals that she’s not in love with you and that she’s done.

David, I hate to say I told you so. Like, actually hate it. But...

Episode 10 Told you so .gif

Now— I’m not messy, but I know we’re all wondering who David was going to really break up with, since Melika eliminated herself. My guess? It would have unfortunately been Tara because she doesn’t give David enough of a “chase” that he’s used to putting up with. He asks both Tara and Isabella to be his Trial Wife and they look really excited.  Hint: Don’t ever watch these tapes, ladies… y’all might end up mad.

Vanessa knocks on Shannon’s door, and they sit on the couch to have a conversation about their experiences and their future. At this point, I’m making a snack because I just know that he’s going home. When she asks him to be her second Trial Husband, y’all should have seen my face. It’s not that that I wanted him to go per se, but Shannon and his jokes were starting to irritate even me, and I'm not even dating him.

Vanessa: I’d like to invite you to live with me for a week.


I guess that last minute post- Thailand effort to get back into her good graces, worked. Plus, as corny and annoying as Shannon can be sometimes, it does seem like he really cares for her.  

So then it hits me. Time out... If Shannon and Dre are staying, that means *gasp*

Oh no…. Myles is going home. We see Vanessa walk up to his door—he opens it and welcomes her in with open arms, a hug and his cheesy smile as usual.  When Vanessa sits him down and says that she thinks they should go their separate ways, the look on his face was heartbreaking.

Myles: Really? That’s how you feel?

Vanessa: Yes


Even though Myles’s family was… different, I thought he loved Vanessa with his whole heart, wanted to commit to her and make her happy. But since Vanessa has to do what’s best for her, she was convinced that their lifestyles wouldn’t match up, what with Myles selling (legal/medicinal) drugs, motorcycling/backpacking around wildernesses, and eating berries and living off the land. You can’t do that with a toddler.  We can’t be mad at her. Myles said he’d be willing to compromise, but Vanessa’s mind is made up. They hug and part ways.

The datersre set up “neutral” houses with their respective Trial Partners, Dre and Isabella, who are up first. They pack up their things and meet each other at their new place of residence.  

Oh, these houses are cute too! Y’all did good, Lifetime! The first night, Isabella whips up a huge plate of pasta and meat sauce for her and David. They talk about their experiences with living with a significant other, as Isabella has never done it before, and she admits that she hates sharing bathroom space with men. (I can imagine that it’s gross.) She loves the fact that this new house has two bathrooms that they each can use one if need be. After dinner, when they wash up the pots and plates, Isabella brings up her ex-boyfriend… yet again and talks about how good of a team they were. Girl, it’s starting to sound like you just want that old thing back.

Vanessa and Dre and their pets meet each other on the steps of their new house, and Dre’s cat is just disrespectful. Nola, is all like “hey, girl” and Piccolo (Bigalow??)  was not having any of it.  Just hissing and being rude. The first night in their place, they cook a chicken dish together, over glasses of wine and it’s really cute. As they eat though,  Dre starts making this noise with his mouth.

At first I though... t it’s something that happens, you know—after the first couple of bites, and then he’d stop.  Sometimes when the food is good, there’s a little extra emphasis. But the lip smacking continues.

Vanessa & Me & Us:

Cuz girl. No. He eats like my 5-year-old nephew. There’s just food flying out his mouth, left and right and the smacking. Fix it, Jesus.

Rachel the expert, meets with both couples after night 1 in the house and discuss what they need to do to grow, and potentially become spouses. Rachel reminds them to “look for the good, and you’ll find it” and that they should focus on self-awareness and empathy. Ok, Rach! Dropping gems! She gave Dre and Vanessa and intimacy game to play (which by the way gets hot and heavy, real quick) and tasked Isabella and Dave to throw a dinner party to integrate the different groups of friends.

Over dinner that night, David and Isabella start talking about their experience so far, and how, from their perspective—it is to live with another person. Isabella brings up the fact that when she woke up, her loofah was on the shower floor. David said he didn’t realize that it had fell on the floor, because he was getting ready to go to work. Isabella then responded,  that if it was his loofah that dropped, she would have picked it up. They go back and forth; I’m watching this interaction like:

Obviously there’s something deeper going on here, and it’s hiding behind the damn loofah.

At Dre and Vanessa’s, Dre brings Vanessa breakfast in bed, which melted my heart—because if there's two things that I love more than anything, it’s food and laying around. Now, throw in some comfy clothes, and reruns of Law & Order? I am in heaven—but I digress. Dre’s lip smacking while eating continued, and both me and Vanessa wanted to rip our hair out, I’m sure. Dre makes a comment about Nola being a diva and needy, which Vanessa does not like, and was a sore spot in her last relationship. Watch it, Dre. That’s her baby.

Back over at David and Isabella’s, the dinner party is underway, but the loofah incident is still looming. Isabella looks gorgeous as she’s’ prepping whatever she’s cooking in the pot, but you can tell that she seems kind of over it. They’re standing around sipping wine, and giving each other death stares and cold shoulders in front of company.  Poor Dave is trying to break the ice, and after a series of unsuccessful attempts, I feel like Isabella is finally like:

She walks off, the party ends rather awkwardly, and she leaves him in the house to clean. After waking up in separate beds the next morning,  David decides to reach out to Rachel for help. Isabella attempts to talk to David and ignores her, so she makes her way out to leave, at which point he runs after her to talk. Getting her back inside the house, Rachel shows up to council the couple on the issues they’re having and how communication is an essential part if they’re going to be successful in it.  On the final night, they talk over dinner, apologies were exchanged and David gave her a massage. Things seem to have blown over, and they’re back on the same page again but I’m not sure if this will be the determining factor for their relationship. Only time will tell. 

Meanwhile, Dre and Vanessa seem to be having big fun. They play a couple of more intimacy games, and it’s very clear that there is a strong connection.


I’m already coming up with hashtags for their wedding. #FindingForbes #ForeverForbes. Vanessa Nelson-Forbes. (She seems like the type that would want a hyphen) Yes, sis! They seem really compatible and extremely into one another. Vanessa had set up a tent on the living room floor, and they slow danced and kissed as well. The next day, Andre put on a whole puppet show for Vanessa, which looked like took time.  Homeboy spent hours in Michaels Craft Store for that set up—had to. Nola the pup seemed rather unimpressed, but I think Vanessa loved it.

The week is over, and it’s time for David and Vanessa to live with their second Trial Partners, Tara and Shannon to see if they would be a better fit for them, and ultimately, what that relationship would look like. It’s down to two, and I don’t know about y’all, but I’m invested. No turning back now. Until next week… drink water and oil your edges, family. This is getting extra good.


MAFS: Second Chances-Episode 9: Meet The Parents

Happy Friday, good people!  Let’s get right into it. The breakups are definitely getting harder to watch, especially since I have my choices of people who I want both David and Vanessa to end up with, and who I think would be the best fit for them.  Shrug. Nevertheless, someone’s gotta go.

David shows up at Salem’s door. How many of y’all knew that was going to happen? At least I did. Remember I said they would be the best of friends-- matching T-shirts, and maybe ankle bracelets. But husband and wife? I couldn’t see it. There was no romantic vibe and even less of an intimacy between them.  What I do know, is that when I go to Atlanta, I need Salem to beat my face, honey because her make-up was always on point! 

Vanessa chooses to stop dating Zach and I’m not upset about it. I didn’t think he was someone she could ultimately build with. Great Value Michael Ealy is a sweetheart, but I don’t think they had enough of a romantic and baseline chemistry to work in the long term.

It’s down to 3, and I’M overwhelmed, so I know David and Vanessa must be.

So with those that remain, the gag is, that they do a group date with David and Vanessa’s moms, and then the roles are reversed where they themselves, end up in the hot seat, having to do individual dates with the daters families.


Dave and the girls, Isabella, Tara and Melika are up first.

Melika is late.


Ok girl, whatever.

I can tell that David is super nervous, and I felt like he was very close to peeing his pants. Like,  super close.  Breathe, doll.  

Ms. Edie takes the girls aside one by one to have individual conversations about how they feel about her son, and if they’re ready for a serious relationship. She talks with each of the girls, and tries to get a feel for their intentions. Ultimately, she tells Dave that she thinks Tara is the best choice. Yes, ma!! #TeamTara. I am all for this David and Tara match up, not only because they have history, because she seems less likely to take advantage of his kindness.

Vanessa’s group date with Shannon, Myles and Dre, starts off pretty awkward. Shannon and Myles brought her mom gifts, and Dre didn’t bring her anything, except more hugs. I mean, not everything has to be material, but meeting the parents is big deal. Maybe flowers next time?

So while packing boxes for of food for the less fortunate, Ms. Chandra starts to get to know the guys, what they do for a living and a little more about who they are as people.

Myles: I work in the medical marijuana field.

Ms. Chandra:

Overall, the date go well and I think she got to learn more about who was best for Vanessa. I like the fact that Andre chose to ask her a question about marriage and one of the most important pieces of it. When mama said “communication,” I almost lost my mind. Great answer! While Ms. Chandra didn’t say who she would choose, she did say that she’s surprised that someone like Shannon had made it this far considering his personality is so different from Vanessa’s.

When Vanessa and David meet with Dr. Pepper, she explains to them that the next phase of dating will be meeting each dater’s family, choosing two of them to move in with for a week each, and then eliminating one as well.  

 Y’all. This is when I would have had to tap myself out. I can’t even decide what I want for breakfast let alone make a whole choice on who I want to try a “trial marriage” with. That’s a lot.

David goes on the first family dinner with Tara, her mom, Ms. Patricia and her friend Rachel. From the gate, Rachel comes with the tough questions like, “do you think you’re ready to settle down now?”

David: Definitely

Rachel: What’s the time frame?


Tara lays it all on the table and lets David know how much she likes him, and wants to be with him. I’m here for it. Let’s just hope David makes the choice in his best interest.

Vanessa meets Andre’s mom and sisters, and it’s an interesting night to say the least. Vanessa asks Ms. Judine if she has any hobbies or anything she likes to do for fun, and she says that she just works. Coming from a Caribbean family myself, this is the standard response, but I think it threw Vanessa off a little. Overall, the date went well, and Vanessa and Dre’s chemistry is so apparent that it gives me butterflies.

David meets Isabella’s family next, and they go out to dinner. Her brother asks about his plans for starting a family, and while Dave knows good and well he wants to become a parent soon, he says that he would be willing to wait until Isabella is ready. When David walks away from the table, Isabella’s parents encourages her to ask about his connection to the other girls, in particular Melika. David assures her that she’s got his primary focus and that he really does feel strongly for her.

The rest of us:

Do you tell every woman this?

Vanessa meets Myles family next. His mom and sister are super eclectic, just like he is, and it’s so cute. They seem to really like Vanessa, but then Myles sister asks something about biracial babies.


Well, I mean clearly the child would be from two different backgrounds if they were to get together, but it’s happened before, sis. It’s ok.

Okay… moving along. Finally, David meets up with Melika for dinner, which her parents refused to come to,  so she brought her best male friend Cyril along. Now to me, that would scream red flag, but we all know David can’t see a red flag even if he was the one waving it himself. I decided from the beginning of this episode that I would no longer be overly concerned about Melika or become too invested in her and David’s relationship. Her friend starts to ask the questions that I hope will allow Dave to see that they’re just not on the same page. Cyril is hip to the game and basically says what everyone is thinking: It’s not going to work.

The last meeting is with Shannon’s family, where Vanessa gets to see him in his natural element. After this dinner, I think she started to understand more of where he gets his silly side from. His mom and two sisters seem to be really protective of him, but will this perspective help move Shannon up to the top of her list?  I like Shannon, but I’m unsure if he would make a good match for Vanessa, as their personalities might be a little too different.

So when it was time to make a decision about 1 to cut, and 2 to “marry,” I will admit that I was conflicted. With Vanessa’s choices, obvi, not by David’s but we’ll get to that in a minute. I was pouring up the wine like it was going out of style. The fact is, that Myles and Dre were at the top of my list for a few weeks now, but I’m starting to see Shannon’s genuineness come out.

Me when she showed up at Dre’s house:

I was so upset, until I realized that she wanted him to be a trial husband.

*Sighs of relief*

 Thank goodness. That means that Myles and Shannon are potentially on the chopping block. My guess? Shannon. Not enough pull.

David shows up at Melika’s door, and I am praying and hoping and wishing that it’s because he’s decided to let her go.

But alas, it’s David so who am I kidding? He asks her to be his trial wife, and Melika says she can’t. Surprise Surprise.

David: But I love you.


David, Oh no baby, what is you doing??

I have lost the words to describe how frustrated I've become with David.  All the experts agree that he has a tendency to chase women, and Melika has made it obvious that she doesn’t want to be caught.

Sigh. I’m hoping this is the rejection that he needs to finally let her go.

All I know is??

We’ll see what this means for next week. Girl. 


MAFS: Second Chances- Episode 7: No Half Steppin'

*Sips wine* Y’all. Multitasking is not my strong suit. I can barely walk and chew bubblegum, let alone date 5 people at the same time. I would absolutely definitely call someone, someone else’s name, or confuse their experience/conversation with another. I’m so proud of David and Vanessa for getting this far in the process without going absolutely insane.

Let’s get into it--

We were right about Vanessa’s elimination choice—David was super dry and unfortunately he had to go. Especially after he “jokes” about Vanessa putting in a good word for her sister… Sir, are you serious? Bye.

Shannon is back from Thailand now but honestly, I didn’t miss him. Although I’m rooting for him, I’m starting to see that he and Vanessa don’t necessarily have the natural chemistry that it takes to foster a long lasting relationship, and I think they’re starting to unwravel.

On their group date, Shannon gives her a T-shirt that looks like he got from and not actually from Asia, and I’m just looking at him, shaking my damn head. Bring her an elephant statue. Some native art. A damn seashell would have been appropriate. A t-shirt? Shannon you are about to be cancelled.

On David’s group date, he invites the ladies out to eat Korean bbq.  They’re talking and having a good time, and then out of the blue--- Maya shows up.

Yes, Maya. Remember her? The one who dumped David because she couldn’t take the stress. She showed up and I was like:

Baby girl—didn’t you voluntarily leave after telling David that you no longer wanted to be here and break his heart? She asked to speak to him privately and lets him know that she wants to come back. Now girl, not only are you running up on them on their group date and ambushing them, but where did you get this pink, mink/squirrel fur from? Is it ever even that cold in Atlanta?

Anyways, now our guy David is extraordinarily confused and the girls are extraordinarily pissed. Rightfully so. You can’t just dip out because the stress is too high and then decide randomly when things are flowers and butterflies that you’re ready to hop back on the gravy train. So Dave tells her that can’t give her an answer at the moment, but honestly, it’s a “no” for me dawg.

David and Vanessa both speak to Rachel the relationship expert, where they discuss the final 5. David talks to Rachel about how Maya is trying to Diddy Bop her way back into the competition and Rachel tells him to follow his heart but make decisions with himself in mind. She talks to Vanessa about the fact that she is the prize and she would need to make sure that the guys are working for her affection. Then she tells us some of the best advice that I’ve heard so far, in that it’s important to remember that No. One. Is. Perfect. That if perfection was a reality, there would be no love, and the point is to learn, grow and evolve with someone.

Can we get into this WORD?!

Vanessa has a one on one date with Zach where they go and get pedicures and he reveals that he hasn’t had one in about eight years.

*Clutches pearls* I’m sorry, what sir? What kind of dungeon have your feet escaped from? I don’t even want to know what your toes look like. But anyway, on this date, Zach seems less annoying. He seems to be making his way up to Vanessa’s good side after weeks of being a mystery-- they have good conversation, share a kiss and the date ends well.

David goes on a one on one date with Misha, who I like for him as well. They go segwaying, which I’ve always wanted to try but too afraid that I would bust my entire ass and fall backwards. On their date, Misha lets him know that Melika told her earlier in the process that she couldn’t see herself kissing David because she doesn’t think she would feel emotionally connected enough.

David brushes it off.

Him: I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. At the same time, I have to trust Melika and her intentions.


I know we can all see that Melika isn’t the best fit for David. Why he can’t see it?

David’s next one on one date is with Salem. Now as I said before, I think Salem is a sweet girl with lots of potential and a probably a large walk-in closet. However, I’m not sure that David is the right fit for her. She seems very interested, but I foresee the cultural differences being somewhat of an issue. I’m not saying it couldn’t work, I’m just saying it might be slightly difficult because I don’t know if they have anything in common outside of being two sane and nice people. I see him kinda being like her older brother/best friend.

Chris joins Vanessa on a wine tasting one on one date, and y’all already know how I feel about him. All he can talk about is how his feelings are becoming stronger and albeit, he’s coming out of his shell a little more, but I’m still not into him for our girl, V.

He called Chardonnay “clear..” You mean, white wine??? Lord. Moving on.

On Isabella and David’s one on one to the golf course, she lets him know that her ex has contacted her and sent her a letter.  I can appreciate the fact that she’s honest with him about what’s going on in her life, because she was under no obligation to let him know that piece of information. They are able to discuss being vulnerable and open with each other, and although it was a little uncomfortable for the both of them, I think it brought them closer. Awwwww. I’m so #TeamIsabella.

David invites Melika over to his apartment for some cozy time and pizza making, where they discuss their futures—he asked her if he can see them together and what that would look like and she said that she “couldn’t answer that.”

David: That’s a normal/perfect answer.


It’s not a normal answer. How, pray tell, have y’all been together for weeks, many of which she’s been at the top of your list getting the majority of the attention and she talking ‘bout “she doesn’t know…”  David, stop chasing this girl—She’s gonna break your heart.

Andre was invited to Vanessa's house where she cooked a Jamaican oxtail dish for him. Ok, so for those of y’all who don’t know, I’m half Jamaican and I’ve been taught how to cook oxtails.  They take HOURS to make. You have to boil them, and then simmer them for AT LEAST 4 hours in order for them to be tender and soft—not to mention season them from the day before so that that the spices can permeate the meat because it’s such a fatty part of the cow. Ain’t nobody making oxtails for someone they don’t like. My family can barely get an oxtail dinner out of me, and they're my FAMILY. The fact that Vanessa went out of her way to make this dish tells me, she likes him more than she’s letting on. Yesssssssss, sis!!!   #TeamDre

Vanessa and Myles have a one on one where Myles cooks for her, they share a cupcake, and it’s sooooo cute.  The toughest competition is between Myles and Dre at this point, and I’m happy to see Vanessa seemingly becoming open but I’m worried that when it comes down to the final two, she will be struggling to make the right choice.

It’s now time for David to decide if he’s going let Maya come back to the group.  Earlier, David met up with his mom to discuss that potential. She wants to know why the girls didn’t like Maya to begin with and he tells her it’s because they thought she was phony and mean.

David’s mom: If more than one woman is telling you that, then it’s probably true.


David meets up with Maya and after a bunch of back and forth, it’s decided that he can’t let her come back, and risk losing the potential with the other girls.


Thankfully David seems to me making better choices, and I’m sooooo happy. It’s now time for breaking up. Honestly, I’m not sure who David is going to end it with, but a piece of me thinks It’s going to be Salem, although I’m hoping it's Melika. I feel like they don’t really connect on a deeper level and I can’t see her being his wife. I think Vanessa will eliminate Shannon, although I’m hoping it’s Chris. Shannon hasn’t stepped up to the plate enough and on their last one on one, Vanessa’s interest doesn’t seem all the way there.

Till next week, lovelies. Oh, the anticipation!

MAFS: Second Chances- Episode 6: WTF

Things have gotten very interesting. David and Vanessa are narrowing down the crew, but I’m gonna be honest—I don’t think they’re making some of the best decisions. Last week, David shocked us all when he broke up with Jordan, and from there I really started to question his choices.

It’s hard to watch, honestly. David is such a genuine person, but it’s almost as if he can’t make the best decisions for his own love life. He knows how he feels, but is he being led by the wrong things? It’s not that uncommon—we all do it, so I’m not here to judge.  But if David, as sweet as he is, wants to find his partner, he needs to understand what he should be looking for in her.

Ok. *steps off soapbox* Let’s begin with the breakups.

David knocks on Callie’s door and I’m not surprised, but I don’t think he gave her enough of a chance. Unfortunately, perception is reality and I think she ended up losing on that front. Last week I said she got caught up in being a mean girl and fluffed that apology-- but I’m inclined to think that she has a big heart and just a f**k it personality, that gets misunderstood frequently.

I can relate.

Vanessa breaks up with Ike. He’s an attractive man with nice qualities, but she couldn’t get into the fact that Ike wants to wait until marriage for sex. And while I understand the values he holds dear, I’m all about sampling the goods beforehand. The connection wasn’t strong enough to make Vanessa want to wait. So he had to go. Fair enough.

Let’s move on.

Vanessa meets with Dr. Pepper to discuss the connections she has with the guys. She let her know that David is someone who she thinks is mature with a good head on his shoulders, but needs him to open up more. Dr. P. tells Vanessa that because she has a firm foundation with the six guys left, it’s up to her to let them know that they can be vulnerable.

We skip over to our guy Dave who has had something interesting happen to him.  One of his friends sends him a text to let him know that her ex is dating Brittany.

 *sips tea*

Yes, that Brittany. Shorty who wore black leather boots and a sweater dress to the botanical garden date with David. I know that was a dig, but I’m feeling particularly petty today.  Y’all already know David was stressed. He meets with Dr. Pepper to talk to her about what he found out and I’m not sure how he went from saying that Brittany is “dating a friend’s ex” to “she has a boyfriend” but that's what's he labeled it as.  Granted the rules of this specific situation are that the girls are supposed to be here for him, but interestingly enough we already live in the kind of society where men can date whomever they want, but if a woman dates someone else, she’s automatically considered undateable. Tuh. 

Dammit. How does my soapbox keep ending up over here?

Anyway,  Dave takes the six girls on a group date to make BBQ sauce, and of course he’s going to have to address the “Brittany is in a whole entire relationship” situation. It’s very obvious that he’s tense and all the girls feel it. He decides to start the date by asking them if they’re dating anyone else.

They say no.


Girl, I get why you wouldn’t admit it in front of the group, but lying is going to get you booted.

So as the date goes on, Dave is on edge, the girls are on edge, and my edges are on edge. You can literally cut the tension with knife. Dave goes around and tastes all the girl’s bbq sauce and then asks if “anyone wants to say anything?” Sir, you’re asking people if they want to confess that they’ve been hiding the fact that they’re dating other people and it’s becoming hella awkward. Stop the shenanigans and just pull Brittany aside. He selects Salem for their one on one date. I really like her—her makeup is ALWAYS on point and her outfits are super cute, plus she’s never really been mixed up in the drama. Cool points all around.

Dave decides to pull Melika aside to discuss the fact that Brittany has a boyfriend.


Seriously, dude?

Why would you tell her about another girl in the group? That’s his mistake right there and it’s not the first time he’s done it. Keep that to yourself. Write it down in your journal. Call your homeboy. But telling one girl that you’re dating about another girl is not how this works.

Needless to say, Brittany gets the boot. Dave talks to her outside about her lying, and then asks her to leave.

On Vanessa’s group date, she makes Cheesecake with the guys. Hell, EYE would want to be on this date if I knew there’d be cake! Afterwards, Vanessa pulls up a round table type conversation and brings up cheating… Again. I get that it’s a sore spot for her, but sis, you have to let it go.  The past is the past and both Dre and David—the only guys that admitted cheating-- aren’t those same guys anymore.

Chris is still here.

Why? I’m not sure. He’s a child, and he’s doing whatever he can to impress her. This isn’t about a double standard, but men normally mature slower than women, and he’s already barely legal.  Yes, he’s cute, but where is his head at? She takes him on a one on one, to a “fancy restaurant” he orders something he can’t pronounce, and they find out that it’s fried pigs feet. He’s pretending to like snail to “win her heart” and honestly, I just can’t see what our girl Vanessa sees in him.

This is stressing me.

On David and Dre’s small group date with Vanessa, they talk more about physical contact and the importance of sex in a relationship.  I’m proud of her for asking questions that would normally seem taboo, because we’re all adults here. She takes David on a one on one where they discuss him opening up more, having more emotion in his conversations, where he stands, and what their romantic chemistry is.

On David and Salem’s one on one, he learns that Salem hasn’t told her parents about dating him while he’s dating other women because it wouldn’t fly in her culture, and we see Dave become visibly annoyed. Honestly, he needs to relax, and understand that not everything will work on his time, and it’s not really fair to judge her on that. But Dave is also on edge because of everything that’s been happening so I get it, but I need him to pull it together.

David’s next private date is with Tara, and I actually really like them together. Since Jordan is no longer here, I’m now on #TeamTara because I like the fact that she’s mature and sweet and is a good match for him intellectually and personality wise. We’re rooting for you, girl!

On a second small group date with Myles, Chris, Zach and Zach’s shirt, Vanessa takes them to her old stomping grounds/ Alma Mater, Clark Atlanta University (One time for #HBCU love) and has them put on a talent show. Zach does this Love Jones-esque poetry, Myles sings and Chris just takes his shirt off and dances (I’m over him,) but she chooses Zach.

They discuss his careers, traveling, what his future looks like and what his main source of income is. He tells her that it’s acting, and all I hear is.

Finally, David’s small group is a bowling date where although he gets a chance to speak to Misha and interact with Salem, he still chooses Melika for the private date where they go shoot some pool.

Melika then randomly tells him that she doesn’t think they have nothing in common.


We’ve been shouting at the TV for weeks now!

*woosah… rubs temples*

David, you have to get rid of her.

Breakup time--- Dave sent Brittany home earlier in the week so he doesn’t have to choose anyone else to stop dating, but he’s already been going through it.  I think Vanessa is going to send Zach home because he has no coins, or David home because he’s as dry as the end of a Popeye’s biscuit.

Let me just say—this has probably been the most frustrating episode to watch to date, and my soapbox has been put to good use. 

Friends-- see y’all next week.

MAFS: Second Chances-Episode 5: The Nitty Gritty

The competition is heating up. We find out that the second person that Vanessa breaks up with is Howard. Howard… was kinda like wallpaper, orrrrrrrr, like a  China cabinet. Present in the room, but you don't really notice that he's there. Nice enough guy, but nothing about him really stood out, so I’m not too broken up about it. Meh. 

Last week, we didn’t know who David was going to end it with. Maya had already tapped herself out, so he only had to break up with one person. He knocks on the door, and Jordan opens it.


I’ve BEEN on #TeamJordan.  I think they would've made a great couple and the fact they were almost matched on the original show says a lot. She balances him and compliments his sensitivity, but wouldn’t overwhelm him in a marriage like I think some of the other girls would. They sit and have a conversation about the fact that their relationship hadn't really grown and that she had some negative things to say about the other girls--particularly Melika. The fact is, that David asked her to spill the tea and then got caught up on that instead. Jordan laid it all on the table.

Jordan: Do you feel like you even got to know me? You don’t know what I even do for work.




David the People Pleaser cannot win. Jordan was right. He spent so much time trying to find out who was involved in the drama, that he neglected to get to know her. Pastor Calvin called it. David is so used to chasing women and trying to “fix” the ones with the issues, that he will literally forget about the potential in others.

We see the conversation end with both Jordan and David in tears. My. heart. broke.

Vanessa meets with relationship expert Rachel Dealto to discuss her feelings about the seven suiters she has left. They discuss her non-negotiables-- goal-less immature men who have nothing going for themselves. Rachel reminds her to open up, as she hasn’t kissed Dre yet— and she needs to make sure she’s not too guarded.

Rachel asks Dave about his deal-breakers also.  He wants a family, so she encourages him to have those conversations with the girls sooner rather than later. Get to the core of who these women are and make sure the chemistry and connection is actually there.

On the group date, Dave takes the seven girls to a trampoline park. Taking Isabella aside, they start to have a conversation about their futures. Isabella, although on the younger side, was one of my favorite picks for him. She lets him know that she’s always wanted to teach abroad and David admits he’s only been to Canada. Sir, I’m going to need you to get more stamps on your passport becauussseeeeee you’re 31.

Callie approaches the girls and apologizes to them about the name calling and the gossiping. Later on, David and Melika have a moment in the foam pit where she reports to Dave that while Callie did say she was sorry, she still thinks that she's full of shit. Although I don’t care for Melika, she makes a good point. Callie played a little dirty, got caught up and is currently trying to save face.

So when David pulled Callie aside to discuss what her intentions were, how she was feeling and then asks her on the one on one date, all the girls, are like,

They go horseback riding and I’d say they had a decent time, but I’m not so sure the spark they once had is going to be reignited. Callie is definitely on the chopping block. 

Vanessa takes her seven guys to play flag football, complete with custom made #TeamVanessa shirts that I thought were super cute.

Myles whips out the charm once again, and she ends up asking him on a second one on one date. I think we’re all starting to see a connection grow but all the other guys are looking like:

On their date they participate in an African dancing class. Now, we all know that this is the first White dude that Vanessa has dated, and I knew it would be interesting, but when Myles started dancing...

I mean at least he tried.  The attempt was attractive and the heartfelt kiss at the end told me that Vanessa is really starting to fall for him. She wants a sweet guy who is all about her, and Myles is definitely that. 

On the next small group date, Vanessa takes her top runners, Dre and Myles on a out to a cornfield and Myles—bless his heart—said they went to a “Worldly” Dance Class the day before. 

Myles. Boo. It’s ok to say African. Poor thing.

So on this date, it’s much more intimate with just the three of them. They get to talk about family/upbringing and it’s discovered that like Vanessa, Dre was also raised by a single mother. Vanessa chooses Dre to go off on a one on one date, and Myles looks crushed.

They walk over to this really cute picnic and start chatting. Dre is showering her with compliments, and they finally kiss.

Y'all know Dre has been my top pick for Vanessa from the beginning. I thought their energies and personalities matched the best so I’m happy this finally happened.

They do have a conversation though, about his past relationships and he’s admitted that he’s cheated before, which to Vanessa raises a red flag because she, like most of us, have trust issues. Oh Dre. I wanted you to win. 

For David’s small group date, he takes Misha, Tara and Melika to an apple orchard/farm because as we know, a spontaneous attitude in his partner is a non-negotiable. They watch a pig race, and all of the girls seem to be having a great time except Melika. I mean, honestly I don’t particularly care for the pig situation, either, so I feel her. But, sis.  You have to know what kind of man you’re dealing with. These are the things he likes. Knowing David’s personality by now, we know that he will probably try to accommodate her, but end up miserable in the process.  Don’t do it. Dave.

They move on from pig racing to milking cows. Now,  I’ll be honest. I’m from Brooklyn. There are no cows here. Just rats, pigeons and bodega cats. However, as long as the cow isn’t giving me the side eye, I’d pull on one of the little udder things really quick, and jump back-- you know-- just to say I did. If my man likes milking cows, well so do I.  Melika wasn’t having it. She participated, but it was clear that she was over it and starts to complain.


Of course David is trying to be Captain Save- A-Heaux and I’m over it. I feel like Melika is turning into a Maya part 2--trying to manipulate him into doing what she wants him to do, instead of focusing on what’s best for him. We see you.

Vanessa finally goes on a one on one date with Ike. Now Ike seems like an all-around regular shmegular guy-- really straight forward with a good head on his shoulders. Vanessa is religious and so is he, and that foundation is really important to her. They have a conversation over ice cream about relationships and communication. 

Ike: There’s no conflict that can’t be solved if two people are willing to really work.


Ok Ike!! Let me find out you got the juice!!

Vanessa asks him what his views were on sex before marriage.

Ike: *awkward pause*

Vanessa: Are you a virgin?

Ike: Ummm.


Oh Ike. Waiting until marriage is a nice but… honey… I don’t know about all that.

Isabella and David go on another one on one, where we learn that Isabella might not be as ready as David is to settle down. The overseas conversation comes up again and while she wants to get married, having kids isn’t an immediate thing for her, which might be a bit problematic for David. She’s only 23 and Dave is 31. Timing is everything. Yikes. This may not work.

Zach goes on a final one on one date with Vanessa where they discuss the fact that she didn’t really get to know him because she’s not really sure who he is. Sidebar: shout out to that “Feminist AF” sweatshirt our girl is wearing. I love it!

The date goes ok, but I don’t think Zach is going to make it to the end. There’s too many mysteries with him.

On the last one on one date with Melika, David is pouring his heart out to her and I just feel like she is not reciprocating. She’s dry and I think she’s starting to realize how serious he is. Girl just pack up and go. You don’t love that man. Nor do you deserve him.

It’s cutting time. I don’t think Callie and Zach are going to make it. My twitter feed seems to think Ike is on the chopping block because of the whole chastity thing, which is likely a no go for Vanessa. Gotta try the fruit before you buy it.

Who’s it going to be? *Whispers* Melika. Dave.. Pssst. Send Melika home.   I guess we’ll see.

MAFS: Second Chances- Episode 4: Side-eyes & Shenanigans

This week’s shenanigans are brought to you by the letter T. As in folks are TRYING it. It also stands for Tea. *sips* If you watched last night, you know what I mean, so let’s jump right into it.

First things, first, I called it! Pooya and Mandy-Grace are out.  There’s nothing worse than trying to date someone who may not be all that committed to the process. Making this decision this wasn’t easy for both David and Vanessa, but it was the right choice.

In meeting with Vanessa, Pastor Calvin reminds her that the name of the game is to “get what she wants.” Both her and David will have to narrow down the pool by two this week, so she needs to decide who she’s built some of the stronger connections with so far.  Pastor Calvin also reminds Dave to treat his relationships sort of like his job. As a professional, he’s super confident, but in dating, he doesn’t want to hurt feelings.  In other words, Dave--- ain’t nobody got time for that.

So on Vanessa’s group date, she gets a chance to speak to Nathan. Remember Nathan? Our Arm Wrestling Macho Man? He and Vanessa were developing some slight friction because of his comments surrounding “sensitive subjects for women…” Uhhh. What?

They have a discussion to clear the air, and Nathan claims that it’s ok that Vanessa believes in equality of the sexes, but then says that “naturally” he would want a woman that has a “level of submissiveness to her.”


He continues. “You  want the woman to be a woman.”

Us collectively: 

Vanessa busts out laughing and walks away, which is probably the best reaction to something like this.

So let’s hit a time-out, real quick.

Not long ago, I wrote a blog post about the word submissive, what it means and how people –namely men—are misguided in its use. You can read about it here. The fact is, gender roles, have evolved in the last 50 years, past the so called “traditionalism” of women being at home, barefoot and pregnant. We’re politicians, musicians, scholars, doctors, businesswomen, wives, and mothers— no longer are the last two our only options.  It’s not about “my way or the highway” in the household, because we now have rights. Like to leave your ass if you’re being trifalin. What it IS about, is respecting each other and moving forward together as a unit. You don’t automatically have the final say just because you have a penis. That’s not how that works.

*steps off soapbox* I’m finished. Didn’t I say folk were trying it? Anyways.

Dave’s group date doesn’t go that well either. They meet up at the skating rink where the drama is reignited. Melika confronts Callie about apparently saying that she looks like she shops at Wet Seal. I’m not going to lie… I giggled a bit, because girl… she’s not exactly wrong. Wet Seal is for teenagers who use their allowances to buy matching crop tops with their besties.  

Melika has a conversation with David to let him know that Callie has become a “mean girl” and gossips about the others in the group.  Before Dave talks to Callie about it, he has a conversation with Jordan and finds out that Melika is actually the one who may not be there for the right reasons. Which… I could have spotted from a mile away. Melika wants to win the contest. This is not about David. This is about her ego. Anyway. David talks to Callie who ends up crying and leaving, and our boy is completely over it. Having to give a group lecture to the rest of the girls, he skates off by himself and Brittany joins him. He asks her out on the one on one date and it goes well.

Myles and Vanessa hit it off during the group pottery date. After Nathan and his comments, she needed his kindhearted genuineness. He’s focused on her, he’s sweet and doesn’t seem to be trying obnoxiously hard. He’s just being himself, so she takes him on the personal date. They do yoga together and then share a kiss. It’s cute. I think Vanessa likes Myles, but mainly because he seems so into her. I can’t call it.

On the smaller group date, Dave and the girls go to a paint and sip, where Maya, who is late, eventually shows up and talks to Dave outside. She feels like this process is stressful, says she can’t do it anymore and actually breaks up him. Now I know I haven’t been a Maya fan. At all. I felt like she was dramatic and attention seeking. But I feel her on the stress and exhaustion. All that estrogen and foolishness would have worn me out too, girl.   

On Vanessa’s  small group date, she goes zip lining with a few of the guys and then pulls Shannon aside to discuss how she felt that for someone who is about to go elephant riding in Thailand for 9 days, he didn’t do enough to make a lasting impression on her. All I'm saying is, he better bring her something back. 

Vanessa decides to take Chris on the one on one date instead, to get foot massages.  As y’all might been able to tell, I’m not on the Chris train. Probably never will be. Yes, he is cute, Fine. But he can’t even talk when he’s around Vanessa. The whole time on their date, I was like,

Dave brings the second small group date to the gun range and pulls Callie aside to see how she was feeling after the skating rink.  They have a conversation but Dave doesn’t seem to think she’s sincere. Looks like Callie might actually be on the chopping block soon.

On Vanessa’s second group date, they go on to a glass making class. (Side note: All these dates have been super interesting/fun. Currently making a list of date ideas for me and my imaginary bae)

Zach says he has a job opportunity coming up that might put him in a position to cut his hair, but he can’t quite explain what it is. We find out later on the one on one date, that he’s hesitant to tell her that the job opportunity is in acting, (I knew it. Damn you, Michael Ealy) Now, I’m not here to rain on anyone’s dreams, but now I have so many questions. One of them being, do you even have a job, sir?  A pay-stub? W-2?


Anyway. Nathan shows up at the end of the small group to try to talk to Vanessa about their last conversation—how he didn’t want to come off offensive with regards to the whole “submissiveness” comment. Ironically, all he can do is interrupt her while she’s speaking so he can try to convince her that he is in fact, not a chauvinist. The conversation does not end well.

It’s breakup time. Dave only has to break up with one person since Maya already beat him to it. My guess? It’s going to be Callie. They’ve fallen out and there’s really no comeback from it.  
The second person I think Vanessa will break up with is Zach. Honesty and stability are important and he lacks both.

First person? No brainer. We see Vanessa pull up to the house, knock on the door, and lo and unsurprisingly behold—it’s Nathan.

They briefly discuss the reasons why she’s there, and I’m not surprised that Nathan doesn’t believe that his comments were problematic. He tells us, the audience, that “while he’s no doctor” he thinks that Vanessa might have some deeply rooted issues and alludes to the absence of her father as the cause. I'm not in the business of telling folks off randomly, but sir-- let me get this straight. You’re not getting what you want, and you're turned off by a woman who stands her ground about not wanting to adhere to some archaic/outdated bullshit about our "roles" as women, so you then draw conclusions about her upbringing?  To add insult to injury, you question her psychological state of mind and say “maybe that’s why she’s single.” Newsflash, dumpling. YOU’RE SINGLE TOO.

After all of that, my only words were:

Over it.

*Exhales* Until next time friends. I need to go oil my edges.


MAFS: Second Chances- Episode 3: Process of Elimination

And then there were 10. Here we are at week 3 of David and Vanessa’s journey to find love again. It seems like a beautiful thing. Like an awesome beginning to a love story. One to tell their children and grandchildren about this time, when they were young.  That mommy met daddy, and it was all butterflies and green meadows, and harps playing in the background.

Nope. That ain’t how it’s going down. Especially not for David. We see this episode open with him and Maya in the corner whispering, apart from the other girls. Maya is explaining to him that she feels like she’s being bullied. To her, it's a high school lunch table with a group of mean girls all over again. David reassures her that he wants her there, but he is looking stressed all the way out. 

Vanessa and David meet with the experts to continue to receive guidance now that the group is much smaller. They'll have to break up with one person each week, so it's imperative that they make good decisions. Dr. Pepper meets with David and they discuss a few people that he has eyes on.  Dr. P says what all of us are thinking: David is a people pleaser, and that isn’t going to work in this situation.

Pastor Calvin Roberson, expert and marriage counselor meets with Vanessa and they discuss her expectations, trust and communication. He tells her that she needs to make it clear what she wants and that she should never settle.

*let the church say*

With the group much smaller, the intimacy level is able to grow and the singles are able to take more time to know each person as opposed to being overwhelmed with so many different personalities at the same time. The setup is as follows: A date with the 10, two small groups of 5, and then one on one dates with whomever they choose. 

On Vanessa’s first group date, she challenges the guys to climb up a slope and says that the first person to get up the slope, gets to sit and chat with her. Of course our favorite, Andre, gets up there. Why wouldn’t he? He and Odell are basically the same person.  When he sits with Vanessa, he tells her that he  actually checked out the 5 Love Languages book that they discussed the previous week.

Us Collectively Impressed: 

She decides to invite him on the one on one date and my heart just swelled. Andre for the win!

Pooya pulls her aside and tells her that he’s got to leave early.  Boy, where you going? I mean, ok. If you say so, but that is an immediate red flag for Vanessa. 

For David’s first group date, he decides to take them Go-Karting. I’m not sure that if it was the best idea for women who have already have their claws out, but hey-- what’s the worst that can happen? Actually-- a lot. These ladies are driving like they are in a damn Mario Kart game, and eventually Mandy-Grace runs Callie off the track into the stack of tires. 

Jordan, who I really do like for David, is chilling. She's driving like a sane person and ends up winning some alone time with him. That’s what happens when you stay and in your lane and mind your business. You go, girl!

One by one though, the majority of the girls start to tell Dave that they don’t think Maya is here for the right reasons. David, because his heart is so big—does not want to see anyone get hurt and tries to get to the root of it. *Whispers*: Probably not a good idea.

Isabella, who is my absolute favorite for David, gets the first one on one date with him. The rest of the girls seem happy for her, but Maya is in the corner like,

Isabella and David play a miniature golf game on their solo date,  and ask each other questions about life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. They’re so cute together, and I wish Dave could see that she’s probably the best person for him. Isabella is young, but she’s mature. I love her energy and her optimism.  At the end of the date, they share a kiss. Now, Dave. We talked about this.

On Vanessa’s one on one with Andre, they meet up to go salsa dancing. They both look very nice and compliment each other well. Can we take a moment though, to get into this man’s hair? I know it’s somewhat of a sore spot for Vanessa, but I just need to know what kind of moisturizer, conditioner or coconut oil he’s using because those curls are popping! Anyway, Vanessa is working on relinquishing her control and letting the man lead (same here, sis. same here) and thought that Andre showed signs of being able to do that. Afterwards though, he cuts the date a bit short which disappoints her, but overall I love the fact that she seemed to have a good time. 

For Vanessa's first small group date, they went indoor rock climbing and she's able to get to talk to Zach, aka Michael Ealy. He was one of my front runners before because he seemed cute and versatile, but when Vanessa asked him questions, he had less than enough to say. 

Vanessa: What are you into? 

Zach: I like to talk about things that no one else wants to talk about. 

Vanessa: Like what?

Zach: Like deeper life, universe


Vanessa decides to take Shannon on this one on one date. Although he is a huge goofball, I think he really likes her. They go on a Ferris Wheel which is cute for them--- although I am terrified of heights so there’d be absolutely no way---and after the date is over, he goes in for the kiss.

Now I know I said Andre was my fave, but Shannon is a close runner up.  He seems to really like our girl Vanessa and him going in respectfully for the kiss was a bold move. 

For David’s small group date, they go to the boxing ring, and work out. It’s a cute activity, but I think Maya and Callie just need to throw them ‘bows and get it over with. Dave pulls Maya aside to make sure, “she’s ok.”  At this point, I'm starting to be over her. She's just super serious all the time, and doesn't seem to understand that the tension and competitiveness is apart of the process.  She’s giving Dave a speech about how many bills she has, and a mortgage etc, why she’s above this, and I'm just like:

David decides to take Tara on the one on one date after boxing.  She’s kind of flown below the radar, but because of her and David’s vague history, it’s good for them to reconnect. They go on a picnic and talk, and then then they too share a kiss.


David belongs in a Disney movie, because he clearly thinks this is a fairy tale, and it absolutely is not. 

So on the second small group date, both David and Vanessa go to go two separate Escape Room challenges. Pooyah was supposed to be in Vanessa’s group and never showed. To me? That’s a no call, no show, bruv. You might be fired.

Vanessa’s group solves the sequence of puzzles and makes it out—surprisingly the guys work together, with Nathan taking charge—which must have impressed Vanessa because she invited him to a one on one date with her.
Chris, didn’t do… or say… much. Vanessa girl, that ain’t your husband. Let him go home to alphabetize his comic book collection or something. Nathan and Vanessa go out to eat and Vanessa tries to learn more about his background, beliefs  to make sure that they align with hers. There's some slight tension as we learn that Nathan can be a little arrogant. 

On David’s small group date, Isabella is actually trying solve the puzzles, and Melika is jumping around, acting afraid of the zombies. She does this so that Dave can ask her on a one on one date, and it works. They go on a horse and carriage ride with champagne where he learns that she's not really a romantic. He tries to kiss her and it kinda falls flat. I don't think they're a good match-- he's just attracted to her, and I feel like she just wanted to "win." 

So now both David and Vanessa have to break up with someone. My money is on Pooya and Mandy-Grace. Pooya just didn't show up and left early, and Mandy-Grace is probably too aggressive for David's taste. We won't know until next week, but y'all... I'm already out of wine. 
Also, can someone tell David that Maya might have to go home? Thanks.  


MAFS: Second Chances- Episode 2: Parties & Potential

We left off last week with Vanessa and David giving the boot to half of the 50 singles, eliminating people they had no connection with, or didn’t fit well with their personalities. We also left David facing a very difficult situation as Jennifer legit begged him to give her a second chance. (See what I did there?) David—bless his heart, looked extremely stressed, and if I were him, I would have likely taken off running. But he decides --against his better judgment I’m sure, to let her to stay.

Jennifer: David, you won’t regret it.

The rest of us:

The singles both host pool and cocktail parties, without their friends this time, to get to know their remaining 25 dates. By the end of the night, they’ll have to narrow their pool further to just 10, who they’ll continue to get to know on a deeper level. Before the day’s events, they both meet with expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz, (I’m too tickled every time I hear her name) to prepare. In Vanessa’s meeting, she admits that she’s instantly physically attracted to some over others. We know that she’s talking about Chris, but he’s barely an adult and his rapping/ monologue/poem thing was less than amusing.

Dr. Pepper suggests that it’s really important for Vanessa to look below the surface for who she can connect with, and who also seems interested in her. She advises her to pay attention to who asks her lots of questions and be mindful of each guys’ “good nature”. i.e.; who is not—and more importantly who is acting a damn fool.

Dave’s meeting goes a bit differently. He confesses that he saw one of his dates—Merrill, out and about with another guy and it rubbed him the wrong way. He also asks Dr. Pepper, what he should do if he feels like the mood is right and he’s compelled to kiss one of the girls.

*record scratch*

Dr. P’s face says it all. She tells David that it’s a bit too early, and it could change the game drastically. I agreed. Pump your brakes, Kemosabe. We know you love hard, boo, but you have to take your time.

At Vanessa’s pool party, the guys—some shirtless—some not, begin to walk in.


They are flexing. Andre, who is becoming one of my favorites, shows off his tattoos, which are significant and sentimental.  Zach, who resembles my favorite green eyed heartthrob, Michael Ealy, takes initiative and pulls Vanessa to the side to have a conversation with her.

Antonio saw that as rude of him, becomes a bit jealous and attempts to interrupt, but Vanessa remains poised and insists on finishing.
Whispers: *Hey Tony, I don’t think that was good nature*

Meanwhile at Dave’s pool party, Jennifer puts those damn angel wings back on. It was what she was wearing when they first met, so I guess this is what she calls stepping her game up? I call it doing the damn most. Tomato, tomato.

She also tries to pull David aside to find out why she got cut in the first place. I didn’t think that was something she should ask, but I mean, it’s valid. The way I look at it? Sometimes you got the juice, and well, sis-- sometimes you don’t. She says she felt a connection, but I’m starting to think that it might actually be gas or something. David said he would talk to her later, which made sense given the environment.  She then comments that she noticed he’s wearing the same swimming shorts from his honeymoon. 

Me: And David. And everyone watching:

We have one word for you, D.


Back at Vanessa’s party, I’m sensing more of a connection between her and Andre. He asks great questions and seems really engaged. They talked about a bunch of topics including one of my favorite things to discuss-- love languages. Ok, friends! I see y’all! I’m liking this.

It’s also becoming easier for Vanessa to weed some people out.

Barrett is a lot. And he’s rude.

During a talk with Matthew, he says that from what he’s seen about marriages he “wouldn’t want to be in one.” Sir. You DO realize that the show is called MARRIED at first sight, right? Oh boy.

By the time of David’s cocktail party that evening, we figure out that the majority of the girls don’t really like Maya. They feel like she’s drier than burnt toast and that she’s “acting” when David comes around. The claws are officially out.  Her and Callie, are the main ones bumping heads, and seem to be literally seconds away from trying to drown each other in the pool.

Merrill shows up late, missing the pool party entirely, and Dave is completely over it, promptly addressing the fact that he saw her out with another guy, which--- I mean, is understandable for him to be upset, but I didn’t think was a huge deal. Nonetheless, Dave doesn’t feel like she’s all in and asks her to leave.

I wasn’t expecting that.

She starts crying and sweating and I feel really bad for her, but girl go home before your makeup stains your cute dress.

Callie was on the prowl and found Dave alone. They played pool and she ends up making—and winning-- a bet of a kiss from him if she made a shot in before he did.

Tara, who I also like, and David have history. They moved to Atlanta around the same time, but never got a chance to date each other, so I think it’s really cute that the stars may be aligning this time around, and I’m happy that they got a chance to chat.

Fast forward, David takes Maya into the house to talk to her about the issues she’s having with the other girls.  She feels like she’s being bullied and attacked.  She’s flustered, and the conversations ends with a kiss.

Us: Yelling at the T.V. because he’s doing EXACTLY opposite of what Dr. Pepper advised.

At Vanessa’s cocktail party, she’s able to speak to Nathan again, who seems more genuine than last time. He explains to Vanessa that he became a police officer because he likes to help people and she seems taken to that.

Vanessa also asks our homeboy Dre how he would feel if---hypothetically speaking---she asked him to cut his hair. Not the blonde quiff, sis! It’s his signature!  

I’m a little distracted by James, the fellas nicknamed him “Deebo” and his velvet shirt.  Baby, it’s at least 80 degrees even when the sun sets in Georgia on a good night, and you wore the hottest fabric known to man.

Well, it’s time to cut.  Vanessa and David each shake hands with the singles and ask the ones they’re not continuing with to meet them inside. This is the worst part of course, but Vanessa cuts her 15, seamlessly. David? Sigh. He asks the girls to meet him inside—including Jennifer, again—and home girl has an entire meltdown. Once again, begins begging him not to send her home. And once she gets inside, she starts cursing and carrying on. The other girls, graciously accept their dismissal, but Jen is lamenting over David’s so called, “bad decisions.” Last week, we were shocked at her reaction. This time?

Go home and do some yoga and rebalance your chakras, beloved because something ain’t right. Whew. Glad that’s over.  It’s down to 10 each and now the real fun begins. Vanessa. David. I hope you’re ready.