MAFS: Second Chances-Episode 5: The Nitty Gritty

The competition is heating up. We find out that the second person that Vanessa breaks up with is Howard. Howard… was kinda like wallpaper, orrrrrrrr, like a  China cabinet. Present in the room, but you don't really notice that he's there. Nice enough guy, but nothing about him really stood out, so I’m not too broken up about it. Meh. 

Last week, we didn’t know who David was going to end it with. Maya had already tapped herself out, so he only had to break up with one person. He knocks on the door, and Jordan opens it.


I’ve BEEN on #TeamJordan.  I think they would've made a great couple and the fact they were almost matched on the original show says a lot. She balances him and compliments his sensitivity, but wouldn’t overwhelm him in a marriage like I think some of the other girls would. They sit and have a conversation about the fact that their relationship hadn't really grown and that she had some negative things to say about the other girls--particularly Melika. The fact is, that David asked her to spill the tea and then got caught up on that instead. Jordan laid it all on the table.

Jordan: Do you feel like you even got to know me? You don’t know what I even do for work.




David the People Pleaser cannot win. Jordan was right. He spent so much time trying to find out who was involved in the drama, that he neglected to get to know her. Pastor Calvin called it. David is so used to chasing women and trying to “fix” the ones with the issues, that he will literally forget about the potential in others.

We see the conversation end with both Jordan and David in tears. My. heart. broke.

Vanessa meets with relationship expert Rachel Dealto to discuss her feelings about the seven suiters she has left. They discuss her non-negotiables-- goal-less immature men who have nothing going for themselves. Rachel reminds her to open up, as she hasn’t kissed Dre yet— and she needs to make sure she’s not too guarded.

Rachel asks Dave about his deal-breakers also.  He wants a family, so she encourages him to have those conversations with the girls sooner rather than later. Get to the core of who these women are and make sure the chemistry and connection is actually there.

On the group date, Dave takes the seven girls to a trampoline park. Taking Isabella aside, they start to have a conversation about their futures. Isabella, although on the younger side, was one of my favorite picks for him. She lets him know that she’s always wanted to teach abroad and David admits he’s only been to Canada. Sir, I’m going to need you to get more stamps on your passport becauussseeeeee you’re 31.

Callie approaches the girls and apologizes to them about the name calling and the gossiping. Later on, David and Melika have a moment in the foam pit where she reports to Dave that while Callie did say she was sorry, she still thinks that she's full of shit. Although I don’t care for Melika, she makes a good point. Callie played a little dirty, got caught up and is currently trying to save face.

So when David pulled Callie aside to discuss what her intentions were, how she was feeling and then asks her on the one on one date, all the girls, are like,

They go horseback riding and I’d say they had a decent time, but I’m not so sure the spark they once had is going to be reignited. Callie is definitely on the chopping block. 

Vanessa takes her seven guys to play flag football, complete with custom made #TeamVanessa shirts that I thought were super cute.

Myles whips out the charm once again, and she ends up asking him on a second one on one date. I think we’re all starting to see a connection grow but all the other guys are looking like:

On their date they participate in an African dancing class. Now, we all know that this is the first White dude that Vanessa has dated, and I knew it would be interesting, but when Myles started dancing...

I mean at least he tried.  The attempt was attractive and the heartfelt kiss at the end told me that Vanessa is really starting to fall for him. She wants a sweet guy who is all about her, and Myles is definitely that. 

On the next small group date, Vanessa takes her top runners, Dre and Myles on a out to a cornfield and Myles—bless his heart—said they went to a “Worldly” Dance Class the day before. 

Myles. Boo. It’s ok to say African. Poor thing.

So on this date, it’s much more intimate with just the three of them. They get to talk about family/upbringing and it’s discovered that like Vanessa, Dre was also raised by a single mother. Vanessa chooses Dre to go off on a one on one date, and Myles looks crushed.

They walk over to this really cute picnic and start chatting. Dre is showering her with compliments, and they finally kiss.

Y'all know Dre has been my top pick for Vanessa from the beginning. I thought their energies and personalities matched the best so I’m happy this finally happened.

They do have a conversation though, about his past relationships and he’s admitted that he’s cheated before, which to Vanessa raises a red flag because she, like most of us, have trust issues. Oh Dre. I wanted you to win. 

For David’s small group date, he takes Misha, Tara and Melika to an apple orchard/farm because as we know, a spontaneous attitude in his partner is a non-negotiable. They watch a pig race, and all of the girls seem to be having a great time except Melika. I mean, honestly I don’t particularly care for the pig situation, either, so I feel her. But, sis.  You have to know what kind of man you’re dealing with. These are the things he likes. Knowing David’s personality by now, we know that he will probably try to accommodate her, but end up miserable in the process.  Don’t do it. Dave.

They move on from pig racing to milking cows. Now,  I’ll be honest. I’m from Brooklyn. There are no cows here. Just rats, pigeons and bodega cats. However, as long as the cow isn’t giving me the side eye, I’d pull on one of the little udder things really quick, and jump back-- you know-- just to say I did. If my man likes milking cows, well so do I.  Melika wasn’t having it. She participated, but it was clear that she was over it and starts to complain.


Of course David is trying to be Captain Save- A-Heaux and I’m over it. I feel like Melika is turning into a Maya part 2--trying to manipulate him into doing what she wants him to do, instead of focusing on what’s best for him. We see you.

Vanessa finally goes on a one on one date with Ike. Now Ike seems like an all-around regular shmegular guy-- really straight forward with a good head on his shoulders. Vanessa is religious and so is he, and that foundation is really important to her. They have a conversation over ice cream about relationships and communication. 

Ike: There’s no conflict that can’t be solved if two people are willing to really work.


Ok Ike!! Let me find out you got the juice!!

Vanessa asks him what his views were on sex before marriage.

Ike: *awkward pause*

Vanessa: Are you a virgin?

Ike: Ummm.


Oh Ike. Waiting until marriage is a nice but… honey… I don’t know about all that.

Isabella and David go on another one on one, where we learn that Isabella might not be as ready as David is to settle down. The overseas conversation comes up again and while she wants to get married, having kids isn’t an immediate thing for her, which might be a bit problematic for David. She’s only 23 and Dave is 31. Timing is everything. Yikes. This may not work.

Zach goes on a final one on one date with Vanessa where they discuss the fact that she didn’t really get to know him because she’s not really sure who he is. Sidebar: shout out to that “Feminist AF” sweatshirt our girl is wearing. I love it!

The date goes ok, but I don’t think Zach is going to make it to the end. There’s too many mysteries with him.

On the last one on one date with Melika, David is pouring his heart out to her and I just feel like she is not reciprocating. She’s dry and I think she’s starting to realize how serious he is. Girl just pack up and go. You don’t love that man. Nor do you deserve him.

It’s cutting time. I don’t think Callie and Zach are going to make it. My twitter feed seems to think Ike is on the chopping block because of the whole chastity thing, which is likely a no go for Vanessa. Gotta try the fruit before you buy it.

Who’s it going to be? *Whispers* Melika. Dave.. Pssst. Send Melika home.   I guess we’ll see.