MAFS: Second Chances-Episode 9: Meet The Parents

Happy Friday, good people!  Let’s get right into it. The breakups are definitely getting harder to watch, especially since I have my choices of people who I want both David and Vanessa to end up with, and who I think would be the best fit for them.  Shrug. Nevertheless, someone’s gotta go.

David shows up at Salem’s door. How many of y’all knew that was going to happen? At least I did. Remember I said they would be the best of friends-- matching T-shirts, and maybe ankle bracelets. But husband and wife? I couldn’t see it. There was no romantic vibe and even less of an intimacy between them.  What I do know, is that when I go to Atlanta, I need Salem to beat my face, honey because her make-up was always on point! 

Vanessa chooses to stop dating Zach and I’m not upset about it. I didn’t think he was someone she could ultimately build with. Great Value Michael Ealy is a sweetheart, but I don’t think they had enough of a romantic and baseline chemistry to work in the long term.

It’s down to 3, and I’M overwhelmed, so I know David and Vanessa must be.

So with those that remain, the gag is, that they do a group date with David and Vanessa’s moms, and then the roles are reversed where they themselves, end up in the hot seat, having to do individual dates with the daters families.


Dave and the girls, Isabella, Tara and Melika are up first.

Melika is late.


Ok girl, whatever.

I can tell that David is super nervous, and I felt like he was very close to peeing his pants. Like,  super close.  Breathe, doll.  

Ms. Edie takes the girls aside one by one to have individual conversations about how they feel about her son, and if they’re ready for a serious relationship. She talks with each of the girls, and tries to get a feel for their intentions. Ultimately, she tells Dave that she thinks Tara is the best choice. Yes, ma!! #TeamTara. I am all for this David and Tara match up, not only because they have history, because she seems less likely to take advantage of his kindness.

Vanessa’s group date with Shannon, Myles and Dre, starts off pretty awkward. Shannon and Myles brought her mom gifts, and Dre didn’t bring her anything, except more hugs. I mean, not everything has to be material, but meeting the parents is big deal. Maybe flowers next time?

So while packing boxes for of food for the less fortunate, Ms. Chandra starts to get to know the guys, what they do for a living and a little more about who they are as people.

Myles: I work in the medical marijuana field.

Ms. Chandra:

Overall, the date go well and I think she got to learn more about who was best for Vanessa. I like the fact that Andre chose to ask her a question about marriage and one of the most important pieces of it. When mama said “communication,” I almost lost my mind. Great answer! While Ms. Chandra didn’t say who she would choose, she did say that she’s surprised that someone like Shannon had made it this far considering his personality is so different from Vanessa’s.

When Vanessa and David meet with Dr. Pepper, she explains to them that the next phase of dating will be meeting each dater’s family, choosing two of them to move in with for a week each, and then eliminating one as well.  

 Y’all. This is when I would have had to tap myself out. I can’t even decide what I want for breakfast let alone make a whole choice on who I want to try a “trial marriage” with. That’s a lot.

David goes on the first family dinner with Tara, her mom, Ms. Patricia and her friend Rachel. From the gate, Rachel comes with the tough questions like, “do you think you’re ready to settle down now?”

David: Definitely

Rachel: What’s the time frame?


Tara lays it all on the table and lets David know how much she likes him, and wants to be with him. I’m here for it. Let’s just hope David makes the choice in his best interest.

Vanessa meets Andre’s mom and sisters, and it’s an interesting night to say the least. Vanessa asks Ms. Judine if she has any hobbies or anything she likes to do for fun, and she says that she just works. Coming from a Caribbean family myself, this is the standard response, but I think it threw Vanessa off a little. Overall, the date went well, and Vanessa and Dre’s chemistry is so apparent that it gives me butterflies.

David meets Isabella’s family next, and they go out to dinner. Her brother asks about his plans for starting a family, and while Dave knows good and well he wants to become a parent soon, he says that he would be willing to wait until Isabella is ready. When David walks away from the table, Isabella’s parents encourages her to ask about his connection to the other girls, in particular Melika. David assures her that she’s got his primary focus and that he really does feel strongly for her.

The rest of us:

Do you tell every woman this?

Vanessa meets Myles family next. His mom and sister are super eclectic, just like he is, and it’s so cute. They seem to really like Vanessa, but then Myles sister asks something about biracial babies.


Well, I mean clearly the child would be from two different backgrounds if they were to get together, but it’s happened before, sis. It’s ok.

Okay… moving along. Finally, David meets up with Melika for dinner, which her parents refused to come to,  so she brought her best male friend Cyril along. Now to me, that would scream red flag, but we all know David can’t see a red flag even if he was the one waving it himself. I decided from the beginning of this episode that I would no longer be overly concerned about Melika or become too invested in her and David’s relationship. Her friend starts to ask the questions that I hope will allow Dave to see that they’re just not on the same page. Cyril is hip to the game and basically says what everyone is thinking: It’s not going to work.

The last meeting is with Shannon’s family, where Vanessa gets to see him in his natural element. After this dinner, I think she started to understand more of where he gets his silly side from. His mom and two sisters seem to be really protective of him, but will this perspective help move Shannon up to the top of her list?  I like Shannon, but I’m unsure if he would make a good match for Vanessa, as their personalities might be a little too different.

So when it was time to make a decision about 1 to cut, and 2 to “marry,” I will admit that I was conflicted. With Vanessa’s choices, obvi, not by David’s but we’ll get to that in a minute. I was pouring up the wine like it was going out of style. The fact is, that Myles and Dre were at the top of my list for a few weeks now, but I’m starting to see Shannon’s genuineness come out.

Me when she showed up at Dre’s house:

I was so upset, until I realized that she wanted him to be a trial husband.

*Sighs of relief*

 Thank goodness. That means that Myles and Shannon are potentially on the chopping block. My guess? Shannon. Not enough pull.

David shows up at Melika’s door, and I am praying and hoping and wishing that it’s because he’s decided to let her go.

But alas, it’s David so who am I kidding? He asks her to be his trial wife, and Melika says she can’t. Surprise Surprise.

David: But I love you.


David, Oh no baby, what is you doing??

I have lost the words to describe how frustrated I've become with David.  All the experts agree that he has a tendency to chase women, and Melika has made it obvious that she doesn’t want to be caught.

Sigh. I’m hoping this is the rejection that he needs to finally let her go.

All I know is??

We’ll see what this means for next week. Girl.