MAFS: Second Chances- Episode 10: House & Home


What in the hell is going on with our friend David? I know what I said. I wasn't getting involved—but like, where is the joke? Where's Ashton, because I’m convinced we’re all being punk’d, You mean to tell me that MELIKA of all people, makes it down to the final 3, at which point she, not only tells you that she doesn’t want to move in with you, but also reveals that she’s not in love with you and that she’s done.

David, I hate to say I told you so. Like, actually hate it. But...

Episode 10 Told you so .gif

Now— I’m not messy, but I know we’re all wondering who David was going to really break up with, since Melika eliminated herself. My guess? It would have unfortunately been Tara because she doesn’t give David enough of a “chase” that he’s used to putting up with. He asks both Tara and Isabella to be his Trial Wife and they look really excited.  Hint: Don’t ever watch these tapes, ladies… y’all might end up mad.

Vanessa knocks on Shannon’s door, and they sit on the couch to have a conversation about their experiences and their future. At this point, I’m making a snack because I just know that he’s going home. When she asks him to be her second Trial Husband, y’all should have seen my face. It’s not that that I wanted him to go per se, but Shannon and his jokes were starting to irritate even me, and I'm not even dating him.

Vanessa: I’d like to invite you to live with me for a week.


I guess that last minute post- Thailand effort to get back into her good graces, worked. Plus, as corny and annoying as Shannon can be sometimes, it does seem like he really cares for her.  

So then it hits me. Time out... If Shannon and Dre are staying, that means *gasp*

Oh no…. Myles is going home. We see Vanessa walk up to his door—he opens it and welcomes her in with open arms, a hug and his cheesy smile as usual.  When Vanessa sits him down and says that she thinks they should go their separate ways, the look on his face was heartbreaking.

Myles: Really? That’s how you feel?

Vanessa: Yes


Even though Myles’s family was… different, I thought he loved Vanessa with his whole heart, wanted to commit to her and make her happy. But since Vanessa has to do what’s best for her, she was convinced that their lifestyles wouldn’t match up, what with Myles selling (legal/medicinal) drugs, motorcycling/backpacking around wildernesses, and eating berries and living off the land. You can’t do that with a toddler.  We can’t be mad at her. Myles said he’d be willing to compromise, but Vanessa’s mind is made up. They hug and part ways.

The datersre set up “neutral” houses with their respective Trial Partners, Dre and Isabella, who are up first. They pack up their things and meet each other at their new place of residence.  

Oh, these houses are cute too! Y’all did good, Lifetime! The first night, Isabella whips up a huge plate of pasta and meat sauce for her and David. They talk about their experiences with living with a significant other, as Isabella has never done it before, and she admits that she hates sharing bathroom space with men. (I can imagine that it’s gross.) She loves the fact that this new house has two bathrooms that they each can use one if need be. After dinner, when they wash up the pots and plates, Isabella brings up her ex-boyfriend… yet again and talks about how good of a team they were. Girl, it’s starting to sound like you just want that old thing back.

Vanessa and Dre and their pets meet each other on the steps of their new house, and Dre’s cat is just disrespectful. Nola, is all like “hey, girl” and Piccolo (Bigalow??)  was not having any of it.  Just hissing and being rude. The first night in their place, they cook a chicken dish together, over glasses of wine and it’s really cute. As they eat though,  Dre starts making this noise with his mouth.

At first I though... t it’s something that happens, you know—after the first couple of bites, and then he’d stop.  Sometimes when the food is good, there’s a little extra emphasis. But the lip smacking continues.

Vanessa & Me & Us:

Cuz girl. No. He eats like my 5-year-old nephew. There’s just food flying out his mouth, left and right and the smacking. Fix it, Jesus.

Rachel the expert, meets with both couples after night 1 in the house and discuss what they need to do to grow, and potentially become spouses. Rachel reminds them to “look for the good, and you’ll find it” and that they should focus on self-awareness and empathy. Ok, Rach! Dropping gems! She gave Dre and Vanessa and intimacy game to play (which by the way gets hot and heavy, real quick) and tasked Isabella and Dave to throw a dinner party to integrate the different groups of friends.

Over dinner that night, David and Isabella start talking about their experience so far, and how, from their perspective—it is to live with another person. Isabella brings up the fact that when she woke up, her loofah was on the shower floor. David said he didn’t realize that it had fell on the floor, because he was getting ready to go to work. Isabella then responded,  that if it was his loofah that dropped, she would have picked it up. They go back and forth; I’m watching this interaction like:

Obviously there’s something deeper going on here, and it’s hiding behind the damn loofah.

At Dre and Vanessa’s, Dre brings Vanessa breakfast in bed, which melted my heart—because if there's two things that I love more than anything, it’s food and laying around. Now, throw in some comfy clothes, and reruns of Law & Order? I am in heaven—but I digress. Dre’s lip smacking while eating continued, and both me and Vanessa wanted to rip our hair out, I’m sure. Dre makes a comment about Nola being a diva and needy, which Vanessa does not like, and was a sore spot in her last relationship. Watch it, Dre. That’s her baby.

Back over at David and Isabella’s, the dinner party is underway, but the loofah incident is still looming. Isabella looks gorgeous as she’s’ prepping whatever she’s cooking in the pot, but you can tell that she seems kind of over it. They’re standing around sipping wine, and giving each other death stares and cold shoulders in front of company.  Poor Dave is trying to break the ice, and after a series of unsuccessful attempts, I feel like Isabella is finally like:

She walks off, the party ends rather awkwardly, and she leaves him in the house to clean. After waking up in separate beds the next morning,  David decides to reach out to Rachel for help. Isabella attempts to talk to David and ignores her, so she makes her way out to leave, at which point he runs after her to talk. Getting her back inside the house, Rachel shows up to council the couple on the issues they’re having and how communication is an essential part if they’re going to be successful in it.  On the final night, they talk over dinner, apologies were exchanged and David gave her a massage. Things seem to have blown over, and they’re back on the same page again but I’m not sure if this will be the determining factor for their relationship. Only time will tell. 

Meanwhile, Dre and Vanessa seem to be having big fun. They play a couple of more intimacy games, and it’s very clear that there is a strong connection.


I’m already coming up with hashtags for their wedding. #FindingForbes #ForeverForbes. Vanessa Nelson-Forbes. (She seems like the type that would want a hyphen) Yes, sis! They seem really compatible and extremely into one another. Vanessa had set up a tent on the living room floor, and they slow danced and kissed as well. The next day, Andre put on a whole puppet show for Vanessa, which looked like took time.  Homeboy spent hours in Michaels Craft Store for that set up—had to. Nola the pup seemed rather unimpressed, but I think Vanessa loved it.

The week is over, and it’s time for David and Vanessa to live with their second Trial Partners, Tara and Shannon to see if they would be a better fit for them, and ultimately, what that relationship would look like. It’s down to two, and I don’t know about y’all, but I’m invested. No turning back now. Until next week… drink water and oil your edges, family. This is getting extra good.


MAFS: Second Chances-Episode 9: Meet The Parents

Happy Friday, good people!  Let’s get right into it. The breakups are definitely getting harder to watch, especially since I have my choices of people who I want both David and Vanessa to end up with, and who I think would be the best fit for them.  Shrug. Nevertheless, someone’s gotta go.

David shows up at Salem’s door. How many of y’all knew that was going to happen? At least I did. Remember I said they would be the best of friends-- matching T-shirts, and maybe ankle bracelets. But husband and wife? I couldn’t see it. There was no romantic vibe and even less of an intimacy between them.  What I do know, is that when I go to Atlanta, I need Salem to beat my face, honey because her make-up was always on point! 

Vanessa chooses to stop dating Zach and I’m not upset about it. I didn’t think he was someone she could ultimately build with. Great Value Michael Ealy is a sweetheart, but I don’t think they had enough of a romantic and baseline chemistry to work in the long term.

It’s down to 3, and I’M overwhelmed, so I know David and Vanessa must be.

So with those that remain, the gag is, that they do a group date with David and Vanessa’s moms, and then the roles are reversed where they themselves, end up in the hot seat, having to do individual dates with the daters families.


Dave and the girls, Isabella, Tara and Melika are up first.

Melika is late.


Ok girl, whatever.

I can tell that David is super nervous, and I felt like he was very close to peeing his pants. Like,  super close.  Breathe, doll.  

Ms. Edie takes the girls aside one by one to have individual conversations about how they feel about her son, and if they’re ready for a serious relationship. She talks with each of the girls, and tries to get a feel for their intentions. Ultimately, she tells Dave that she thinks Tara is the best choice. Yes, ma!! #TeamTara. I am all for this David and Tara match up, not only because they have history, because she seems less likely to take advantage of his kindness.

Vanessa’s group date with Shannon, Myles and Dre, starts off pretty awkward. Shannon and Myles brought her mom gifts, and Dre didn’t bring her anything, except more hugs. I mean, not everything has to be material, but meeting the parents is big deal. Maybe flowers next time?

So while packing boxes for of food for the less fortunate, Ms. Chandra starts to get to know the guys, what they do for a living and a little more about who they are as people.

Myles: I work in the medical marijuana field.

Ms. Chandra:

Overall, the date go well and I think she got to learn more about who was best for Vanessa. I like the fact that Andre chose to ask her a question about marriage and one of the most important pieces of it. When mama said “communication,” I almost lost my mind. Great answer! While Ms. Chandra didn’t say who she would choose, she did say that she’s surprised that someone like Shannon had made it this far considering his personality is so different from Vanessa’s.

When Vanessa and David meet with Dr. Pepper, she explains to them that the next phase of dating will be meeting each dater’s family, choosing two of them to move in with for a week each, and then eliminating one as well.  

 Y’all. This is when I would have had to tap myself out. I can’t even decide what I want for breakfast let alone make a whole choice on who I want to try a “trial marriage” with. That’s a lot.

David goes on the first family dinner with Tara, her mom, Ms. Patricia and her friend Rachel. From the gate, Rachel comes with the tough questions like, “do you think you’re ready to settle down now?”

David: Definitely

Rachel: What’s the time frame?


Tara lays it all on the table and lets David know how much she likes him, and wants to be with him. I’m here for it. Let’s just hope David makes the choice in his best interest.

Vanessa meets Andre’s mom and sisters, and it’s an interesting night to say the least. Vanessa asks Ms. Judine if she has any hobbies or anything she likes to do for fun, and she says that she just works. Coming from a Caribbean family myself, this is the standard response, but I think it threw Vanessa off a little. Overall, the date went well, and Vanessa and Dre’s chemistry is so apparent that it gives me butterflies.

David meets Isabella’s family next, and they go out to dinner. Her brother asks about his plans for starting a family, and while Dave knows good and well he wants to become a parent soon, he says that he would be willing to wait until Isabella is ready. When David walks away from the table, Isabella’s parents encourages her to ask about his connection to the other girls, in particular Melika. David assures her that she’s got his primary focus and that he really does feel strongly for her.

The rest of us:

Do you tell every woman this?

Vanessa meets Myles family next. His mom and sister are super eclectic, just like he is, and it’s so cute. They seem to really like Vanessa, but then Myles sister asks something about biracial babies.


Well, I mean clearly the child would be from two different backgrounds if they were to get together, but it’s happened before, sis. It’s ok.

Okay… moving along. Finally, David meets up with Melika for dinner, which her parents refused to come to,  so she brought her best male friend Cyril along. Now to me, that would scream red flag, but we all know David can’t see a red flag even if he was the one waving it himself. I decided from the beginning of this episode that I would no longer be overly concerned about Melika or become too invested in her and David’s relationship. Her friend starts to ask the questions that I hope will allow Dave to see that they’re just not on the same page. Cyril is hip to the game and basically says what everyone is thinking: It’s not going to work.

The last meeting is with Shannon’s family, where Vanessa gets to see him in his natural element. After this dinner, I think she started to understand more of where he gets his silly side from. His mom and two sisters seem to be really protective of him, but will this perspective help move Shannon up to the top of her list?  I like Shannon, but I’m unsure if he would make a good match for Vanessa, as their personalities might be a little too different.

So when it was time to make a decision about 1 to cut, and 2 to “marry,” I will admit that I was conflicted. With Vanessa’s choices, obvi, not by David’s but we’ll get to that in a minute. I was pouring up the wine like it was going out of style. The fact is, that Myles and Dre were at the top of my list for a few weeks now, but I’m starting to see Shannon’s genuineness come out.

Me when she showed up at Dre’s house:

I was so upset, until I realized that she wanted him to be a trial husband.

*Sighs of relief*

 Thank goodness. That means that Myles and Shannon are potentially on the chopping block. My guess? Shannon. Not enough pull.

David shows up at Melika’s door, and I am praying and hoping and wishing that it’s because he’s decided to let her go.

But alas, it’s David so who am I kidding? He asks her to be his trial wife, and Melika says she can’t. Surprise Surprise.

David: But I love you.


David, Oh no baby, what is you doing??

I have lost the words to describe how frustrated I've become with David.  All the experts agree that he has a tendency to chase women, and Melika has made it obvious that she doesn’t want to be caught.

Sigh. I’m hoping this is the rejection that he needs to finally let her go.

All I know is??

We’ll see what this means for next week. Girl. 


MAFS: Second Chances-Episode 8: The Final Four

Shit just got real. Ok, so how many of us were at the edge of our seats during last night's episode? *raises hand* Let’s start with the breakups.

I wasn’t exactly sure who David was going to break up with, and I couldn’t quite say that anyone stood out over the other, but when he showed up at Misha’s door? I’d honestly say that I was surprised. And poor Misha looked really hurt. I think it may have had something to do with her telling him that Melika might not be here for the right reasons, because we all know how David reacts when someone says something bad (even if it’s true) about someone that he likes. *insert eye roll*

David pretty much tells her that the spark is fading, that they should go their separate ways, and I’m mildly annoyed. David would have had the opportunity to build with Misha if he wasn’t spending so much time on Melika, but that’s neither here nor there—the deed is done.

Vanessa breaks up with Chris.


Thank the good Lord. Since the beginning of the season, I have been shouting and throwing things at my T.V. in hopes that Vanessa sends this young man home. I couldn’t deal with his basic ass vocabulary and him insisting during his self-recorded sessions that he was “the best man for her.”  Sir, please go and play with your Legos or action figures, because you are a child. I know he was hurt, but I’m so glad Vanessa decided to look past the fact that she was physically attracted to him and see that he’s not yet ready to be in a relationship with her.

And then there were 4.

On David’s group date at a painting class, he asks the girls how they’re feeling and talks to them about their experiences. Isabella discusses the fact that her ex boyfriends letter still bothers her, and starts to makes her a little hesitant about another relationship. At the same time, she’s trying to move forward and not let it get in the way of her and David’s relationship. We all know how tricky ex’s can be. One day you’re minding your ownbusiness- skin flourishing, hair growing, drinking water, doing squats and eating your vegetables, and the next thing you know, he’s in your inbox talking about “hey stranger.”

On Vanessa’s group bowling date, she also discusses with the guys how they’re feeling, and it’s obvious that they’re all nervous now that it’s down to such a small group. Shannon gets pulled aside because Vanessa feels like he’s been able to somewhat make his way back up to the top of her list although it was a struggle. Our boy Shannon is definitely super confident—cocky even—but it’s clear that he really does like Vanessa.

Pastor Calvin meets with Vanessa and David to talk with them about their choices and making the best decisions for themselves. He asks David what he thinks his greatest barrier is when it comes to finding love. David responds that he feels like he has a fear of losing it once he actually does find it and as a result, he ends up holding on too tight, driving the person away. Pastor Calvin reminds him that the people who wants to be there will stay. Anyone else? Let them go.

Yes! That’ll preach!

Then he tells Dave the secret to relationships is learning how to manage the like, and the spark. Who was taking notes? *raises hand* Pastor Cal got the juice!

When he speaks with Vanessa, they discuss her options, making sure that she’s giving everyone a fair chance so that she also makes the best decision. She tells Pastor Calvin about the two strongest contenders, Myles and Andre, and what she also likes about Shannon and Zach. Pastor Calvin tell both David and Vanessa that at this pivotal point, they need to have some more support in their corners, and their friends, who were there at the beginning of this process, will now come back to have group dates with the remaining 4.


Salem was the first group date with David and his friends and they go ice skating. Afterward, they’re able to have some time to talk and his friends get to ask her questions about family, how the process has been, and where she is when it comes to David. Salem is one of favorites, don’t get me wrong. But just like his friends mentioned a romantic connection—I just don’t see it between her and David. She’s the only one he hasn’t kissed yet, and I could see them buying matching t-shirts and baking pies together more than anything else. On the other hand, friendship is the foundation of any relationship, so maybe it could work.

Kenya and Danielle, Vanessa’s sister and best friend from high school, respectively—meet with Myles first. They discuss where Myles’s head is at with regards to Vanessa.

Myles: I don’t go into a relationship thinking that it’s not going to be the last one.


Danielle brings up the fact that if they were to do something long term, he would have biracial children, and his response was that he doesn’t think race or religion is going to have anything to do with the way he raises his kids. That did not go over well with Vanessa’s crew.

Myles, boo. You have to understand the complexities between, race, religion and culture, homeboy. He saves face by saying that the foundation of a relationship is trust, communication, patience and compromise and that they would basically work together to figure it out.  

Whoooo, great answer.  *wipes sweat* Myles you almost lost me.  

The next date is with Zach—he and the girls go play tennis together, and they talk to him about what he thinks the best thing about Vanessa is. He feels like she is a strong woman who knows what she wants out of life. They agree that he definitely seems into her physically, and that he’s cute, but as Kenya said, “Cute can’t carry a relationship.”

*two snaps*

David’s next group date is with Isabella, who although is a great match for him, brings up her ex-boyfriend multiple times throughout the course of the evening with his friends. Maybe she was nervous, more than likely this letter that he wrote her reopened some old wounds—either way, sis that’s not to be taken likely. David has a strong emotional connection with Isabella, but has she completely moved on from her ex?  His friends are not so sure.

Shannon comes over to Danielle’s house for a one on, where they play a Pictionary like game, and talk, but once again his mouth/lack of seriousness seems to do nothing but get him in trouble. The girls do not seem to think that he is funny, cute, or serious and Kenya for one lets his ass have it.

Kenya: I think that you think, that you are THE  catch.

Oot! The forecast is rainy with a hint of shade. Shannon boo, you need to step it up.

It’s Tara’s turn, and y’all know that I’m on her team. I think she has Dave’s best interest at heart and his friends are able to see it. They ask her if she had to pick one person to leave, who would it be and she mentions Isabella—for the simple fact that she doesn’t know if what they both want out of life matches up. Tara says that her favorite thing about David is his optimism. Ours too, Tara. Ours too.

The last group date is with Andre and the girls, and I think he won them over. He was respectful, engaging and he made them laugh. He was able to point little things about Vanessa, like her nervous laugh and the way she smiles.


I’m so happy for them, and I feel like we should name it. Andre +Vanessa= Adressa? Yes!


Finally, David meets with his friends and Melika, who hesitates when they ask what her favorite thing is about him. It takes Dave back to his first marriage where his then wife struggled to name 3 basic things that she liked about him. Melika eventually comes up with something, and says that she could see a future together, which makes David super excited. Meanwhile I’m just like:

She’s not the one, Dave. Bye.

Group dates: Check.

Meet the friends: Check.

The previews say that we’re meeting family next. Parental units and such.

Warm up your tea, lovelies. See you next week.

MAFS: Second Chances- Episode 7: No Half Steppin'

*Sips wine* Y’all. Multitasking is not my strong suit. I can barely walk and chew bubblegum, let alone date 5 people at the same time. I would absolutely definitely call someone, someone else’s name, or confuse their experience/conversation with another. I’m so proud of David and Vanessa for getting this far in the process without going absolutely insane.

Let’s get into it--

We were right about Vanessa’s elimination choice—David was super dry and unfortunately he had to go. Especially after he “jokes” about Vanessa putting in a good word for her sister… Sir, are you serious? Bye.

Shannon is back from Thailand now but honestly, I didn’t miss him. Although I’m rooting for him, I’m starting to see that he and Vanessa don’t necessarily have the natural chemistry that it takes to foster a long lasting relationship, and I think they’re starting to unwravel.

On their group date, Shannon gives her a T-shirt that looks like he got from and not actually from Asia, and I’m just looking at him, shaking my damn head. Bring her an elephant statue. Some native art. A damn seashell would have been appropriate. A t-shirt? Shannon you are about to be cancelled.

On David’s group date, he invites the ladies out to eat Korean bbq.  They’re talking and having a good time, and then out of the blue--- Maya shows up.

Yes, Maya. Remember her? The one who dumped David because she couldn’t take the stress. She showed up and I was like:

Baby girl—didn’t you voluntarily leave after telling David that you no longer wanted to be here and break his heart? She asked to speak to him privately and lets him know that she wants to come back. Now girl, not only are you running up on them on their group date and ambushing them, but where did you get this pink, mink/squirrel fur from? Is it ever even that cold in Atlanta?

Anyways, now our guy David is extraordinarily confused and the girls are extraordinarily pissed. Rightfully so. You can’t just dip out because the stress is too high and then decide randomly when things are flowers and butterflies that you’re ready to hop back on the gravy train. So Dave tells her that can’t give her an answer at the moment, but honestly, it’s a “no” for me dawg.

David and Vanessa both speak to Rachel the relationship expert, where they discuss the final 5. David talks to Rachel about how Maya is trying to Diddy Bop her way back into the competition and Rachel tells him to follow his heart but make decisions with himself in mind. She talks to Vanessa about the fact that she is the prize and she would need to make sure that the guys are working for her affection. Then she tells us some of the best advice that I’ve heard so far, in that it’s important to remember that No. One. Is. Perfect. That if perfection was a reality, there would be no love, and the point is to learn, grow and evolve with someone.

Can we get into this WORD?!

Vanessa has a one on one date with Zach where they go and get pedicures and he reveals that he hasn’t had one in about eight years.

*Clutches pearls* I’m sorry, what sir? What kind of dungeon have your feet escaped from? I don’t even want to know what your toes look like. But anyway, on this date, Zach seems less annoying. He seems to be making his way up to Vanessa’s good side after weeks of being a mystery-- they have good conversation, share a kiss and the date ends well.

David goes on a one on one date with Misha, who I like for him as well. They go segwaying, which I’ve always wanted to try but too afraid that I would bust my entire ass and fall backwards. On their date, Misha lets him know that Melika told her earlier in the process that she couldn’t see herself kissing David because she doesn’t think she would feel emotionally connected enough.

David brushes it off.

Him: I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. At the same time, I have to trust Melika and her intentions.


I know we can all see that Melika isn’t the best fit for David. Why he can’t see it?

David’s next one on one date is with Salem. Now as I said before, I think Salem is a sweet girl with lots of potential and a probably a large walk-in closet. However, I’m not sure that David is the right fit for her. She seems very interested, but I foresee the cultural differences being somewhat of an issue. I’m not saying it couldn’t work, I’m just saying it might be slightly difficult because I don’t know if they have anything in common outside of being two sane and nice people. I see him kinda being like her older brother/best friend.

Chris joins Vanessa on a wine tasting one on one date, and y’all already know how I feel about him. All he can talk about is how his feelings are becoming stronger and albeit, he’s coming out of his shell a little more, but I’m still not into him for our girl, V.

He called Chardonnay “clear..” You mean, white wine??? Lord. Moving on.

On Isabella and David’s one on one to the golf course, she lets him know that her ex has contacted her and sent her a letter.  I can appreciate the fact that she’s honest with him about what’s going on in her life, because she was under no obligation to let him know that piece of information. They are able to discuss being vulnerable and open with each other, and although it was a little uncomfortable for the both of them, I think it brought them closer. Awwwww. I’m so #TeamIsabella.

David invites Melika over to his apartment for some cozy time and pizza making, where they discuss their futures—he asked her if he can see them together and what that would look like and she said that she “couldn’t answer that.”

David: That’s a normal/perfect answer.


It’s not a normal answer. How, pray tell, have y’all been together for weeks, many of which she’s been at the top of your list getting the majority of the attention and she talking ‘bout “she doesn’t know…”  David, stop chasing this girl—She’s gonna break your heart.

Andre was invited to Vanessa's house where she cooked a Jamaican oxtail dish for him. Ok, so for those of y’all who don’t know, I’m half Jamaican and I’ve been taught how to cook oxtails.  They take HOURS to make. You have to boil them, and then simmer them for AT LEAST 4 hours in order for them to be tender and soft—not to mention season them from the day before so that that the spices can permeate the meat because it’s such a fatty part of the cow. Ain’t nobody making oxtails for someone they don’t like. My family can barely get an oxtail dinner out of me, and they're my FAMILY. The fact that Vanessa went out of her way to make this dish tells me, she likes him more than she’s letting on. Yesssssssss, sis!!!   #TeamDre

Vanessa and Myles have a one on one where Myles cooks for her, they share a cupcake, and it’s sooooo cute.  The toughest competition is between Myles and Dre at this point, and I’m happy to see Vanessa seemingly becoming open but I’m worried that when it comes down to the final two, she will be struggling to make the right choice.

It’s now time for David to decide if he’s going let Maya come back to the group.  Earlier, David met up with his mom to discuss that potential. She wants to know why the girls didn’t like Maya to begin with and he tells her it’s because they thought she was phony and mean.

David’s mom: If more than one woman is telling you that, then it’s probably true.


David meets up with Maya and after a bunch of back and forth, it’s decided that he can’t let her come back, and risk losing the potential with the other girls.


Thankfully David seems to me making better choices, and I’m sooooo happy. It’s now time for breaking up. Honestly, I’m not sure who David is going to end it with, but a piece of me thinks It’s going to be Salem, although I’m hoping it's Melika. I feel like they don’t really connect on a deeper level and I can’t see her being his wife. I think Vanessa will eliminate Shannon, although I’m hoping it’s Chris. Shannon hasn’t stepped up to the plate enough and on their last one on one, Vanessa’s interest doesn’t seem all the way there.

Till next week, lovelies. Oh, the anticipation!