MAFS: Second Chances- Episode 3: Process of Elimination

And then there were 10. Here we are at week 3 of David and Vanessa’s journey to find love again. It seems like a beautiful thing. Like an awesome beginning to a love story. One to tell their children and grandchildren about this time, when they were young.  That mommy met daddy, and it was all butterflies and green meadows, and harps playing in the background.

Nope. That ain’t how it’s going down. Especially not for David. We see this episode open with him and Maya in the corner whispering, apart from the other girls. Maya is explaining to him that she feels like she’s being bullied. To her, it's a high school lunch table with a group of mean girls all over again. David reassures her that he wants her there, but he is looking stressed all the way out. 

Vanessa and David meet with the experts to continue to receive guidance now that the group is much smaller. They'll have to break up with one person each week, so it's imperative that they make good decisions. Dr. Pepper meets with David and they discuss a few people that he has eyes on.  Dr. P says what all of us are thinking: David is a people pleaser, and that isn’t going to work in this situation.

Pastor Calvin Roberson, expert and marriage counselor meets with Vanessa and they discuss her expectations, trust and communication. He tells her that she needs to make it clear what she wants and that she should never settle.

*let the church say*

With the group much smaller, the intimacy level is able to grow and the singles are able to take more time to know each person as opposed to being overwhelmed with so many different personalities at the same time. The setup is as follows: A date with the 10, two small groups of 5, and then one on one dates with whomever they choose. 

On Vanessa’s first group date, she challenges the guys to climb up a slope and says that the first person to get up the slope, gets to sit and chat with her. Of course our favorite, Andre, gets up there. Why wouldn’t he? He and Odell are basically the same person.  When he sits with Vanessa, he tells her that he  actually checked out the 5 Love Languages book that they discussed the previous week.

Us Collectively Impressed: 

She decides to invite him on the one on one date and my heart just swelled. Andre for the win!

Pooya pulls her aside and tells her that he’s got to leave early.  Boy, where you going? I mean, ok. If you say so, but that is an immediate red flag for Vanessa. 

For David’s first group date, he decides to take them Go-Karting. I’m not sure that if it was the best idea for women who have already have their claws out, but hey-- what’s the worst that can happen? Actually-- a lot. These ladies are driving like they are in a damn Mario Kart game, and eventually Mandy-Grace runs Callie off the track into the stack of tires. 

Jordan, who I really do like for David, is chilling. She's driving like a sane person and ends up winning some alone time with him. That’s what happens when you stay and in your lane and mind your business. You go, girl!

One by one though, the majority of the girls start to tell Dave that they don’t think Maya is here for the right reasons. David, because his heart is so big—does not want to see anyone get hurt and tries to get to the root of it. *Whispers*: Probably not a good idea.

Isabella, who is my absolute favorite for David, gets the first one on one date with him. The rest of the girls seem happy for her, but Maya is in the corner like,

Isabella and David play a miniature golf game on their solo date,  and ask each other questions about life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. They’re so cute together, and I wish Dave could see that she’s probably the best person for him. Isabella is young, but she’s mature. I love her energy and her optimism.  At the end of the date, they share a kiss. Now, Dave. We talked about this.

On Vanessa’s one on one with Andre, they meet up to go salsa dancing. They both look very nice and compliment each other well. Can we take a moment though, to get into this man’s hair? I know it’s somewhat of a sore spot for Vanessa, but I just need to know what kind of moisturizer, conditioner or coconut oil he’s using because those curls are popping! Anyway, Vanessa is working on relinquishing her control and letting the man lead (same here, sis. same here) and thought that Andre showed signs of being able to do that. Afterwards though, he cuts the date a bit short which disappoints her, but overall I love the fact that she seemed to have a good time. 

For Vanessa's first small group date, they went indoor rock climbing and she's able to get to talk to Zach, aka Michael Ealy. He was one of my front runners before because he seemed cute and versatile, but when Vanessa asked him questions, he had less than enough to say. 

Vanessa: What are you into? 

Zach: I like to talk about things that no one else wants to talk about. 

Vanessa: Like what?

Zach: Like deeper life, universe


Vanessa decides to take Shannon on this one on one date. Although he is a huge goofball, I think he really likes her. They go on a Ferris Wheel which is cute for them--- although I am terrified of heights so there’d be absolutely no way---and after the date is over, he goes in for the kiss.

Now I know I said Andre was my fave, but Shannon is a close runner up.  He seems to really like our girl Vanessa and him going in respectfully for the kiss was a bold move. 

For David’s small group date, they go to the boxing ring, and work out. It’s a cute activity, but I think Maya and Callie just need to throw them ‘bows and get it over with. Dave pulls Maya aside to make sure, “she’s ok.”  At this point, I'm starting to be over her. She's just super serious all the time, and doesn't seem to understand that the tension and competitiveness is apart of the process.  She’s giving Dave a speech about how many bills she has, and a mortgage etc, why she’s above this, and I'm just like:

David decides to take Tara on the one on one date after boxing.  She’s kind of flown below the radar, but because of her and David’s vague history, it’s good for them to reconnect. They go on a picnic and talk, and then then they too share a kiss.


David belongs in a Disney movie, because he clearly thinks this is a fairy tale, and it absolutely is not. 

So on the second small group date, both David and Vanessa go to go two separate Escape Room challenges. Pooyah was supposed to be in Vanessa’s group and never showed. To me? That’s a no call, no show, bruv. You might be fired.

Vanessa’s group solves the sequence of puzzles and makes it out—surprisingly the guys work together, with Nathan taking charge—which must have impressed Vanessa because she invited him to a one on one date with her.
Chris, didn’t do… or say… much. Vanessa girl, that ain’t your husband. Let him go home to alphabetize his comic book collection or something. Nathan and Vanessa go out to eat and Vanessa tries to learn more about his background, beliefs  to make sure that they align with hers. There's some slight tension as we learn that Nathan can be a little arrogant. 

On David’s small group date, Isabella is actually trying solve the puzzles, and Melika is jumping around, acting afraid of the zombies. She does this so that Dave can ask her on a one on one date, and it works. They go on a horse and carriage ride with champagne where he learns that she's not really a romantic. He tries to kiss her and it kinda falls flat. I don't think they're a good match-- he's just attracted to her, and I feel like she just wanted to "win." 

So now both David and Vanessa have to break up with someone. My money is on Pooya and Mandy-Grace. Pooya just didn't show up and left early, and Mandy-Grace is probably too aggressive for David's taste. We won't know until next week, but y'all... I'm already out of wine. 
Also, can someone tell David that Maya might have to go home? Thanks.