MAFS: Second Chances- Episode 2: Parties & Potential

We left off last week with Vanessa and David giving the boot to half of the 50 singles, eliminating people they had no connection with, or didn’t fit well with their personalities. We also left David facing a very difficult situation as Jennifer legit begged him to give her a second chance. (See what I did there?) David—bless his heart, looked extremely stressed, and if I were him, I would have likely taken off running. But he decides --against his better judgment I’m sure, to let her to stay.

Jennifer: David, you won’t regret it.

The rest of us:

The singles both host pool and cocktail parties, without their friends this time, to get to know their remaining 25 dates. By the end of the night, they’ll have to narrow their pool further to just 10, who they’ll continue to get to know on a deeper level. Before the day’s events, they both meet with expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz, (I’m too tickled every time I hear her name) to prepare. In Vanessa’s meeting, she admits that she’s instantly physically attracted to some over others. We know that she’s talking about Chris, but he’s barely an adult and his rapping/ monologue/poem thing was less than amusing.

Dr. Pepper suggests that it’s really important for Vanessa to look below the surface for who she can connect with, and who also seems interested in her. She advises her to pay attention to who asks her lots of questions and be mindful of each guys’ “good nature”. i.e.; who is not—and more importantly who is acting a damn fool.

Dave’s meeting goes a bit differently. He confesses that he saw one of his dates—Merrill, out and about with another guy and it rubbed him the wrong way. He also asks Dr. Pepper, what he should do if he feels like the mood is right and he’s compelled to kiss one of the girls.

*record scratch*

Dr. P’s face says it all. She tells David that it’s a bit too early, and it could change the game drastically. I agreed. Pump your brakes, Kemosabe. We know you love hard, boo, but you have to take your time.

At Vanessa’s pool party, the guys—some shirtless—some not, begin to walk in.


They are flexing. Andre, who is becoming one of my favorites, shows off his tattoos, which are significant and sentimental.  Zach, who resembles my favorite green eyed heartthrob, Michael Ealy, takes initiative and pulls Vanessa to the side to have a conversation with her.

Antonio saw that as rude of him, becomes a bit jealous and attempts to interrupt, but Vanessa remains poised and insists on finishing.
Whispers: *Hey Tony, I don’t think that was good nature*

Meanwhile at Dave’s pool party, Jennifer puts those damn angel wings back on. It was what she was wearing when they first met, so I guess this is what she calls stepping her game up? I call it doing the damn most. Tomato, tomato.

She also tries to pull David aside to find out why she got cut in the first place. I didn’t think that was something she should ask, but I mean, it’s valid. The way I look at it? Sometimes you got the juice, and well, sis-- sometimes you don’t. She says she felt a connection, but I’m starting to think that it might actually be gas or something. David said he would talk to her later, which made sense given the environment.  She then comments that she noticed he’s wearing the same swimming shorts from his honeymoon. 

Me: And David. And everyone watching:

We have one word for you, D.


Back at Vanessa’s party, I’m sensing more of a connection between her and Andre. He asks great questions and seems really engaged. They talked about a bunch of topics including one of my favorite things to discuss-- love languages. Ok, friends! I see y’all! I’m liking this.

It’s also becoming easier for Vanessa to weed some people out.

Barrett is a lot. And he’s rude.

During a talk with Matthew, he says that from what he’s seen about marriages he “wouldn’t want to be in one.” Sir. You DO realize that the show is called MARRIED at first sight, right? Oh boy.

By the time of David’s cocktail party that evening, we figure out that the majority of the girls don’t really like Maya. They feel like she’s drier than burnt toast and that she’s “acting” when David comes around. The claws are officially out.  Her and Callie, are the main ones bumping heads, and seem to be literally seconds away from trying to drown each other in the pool.

Merrill shows up late, missing the pool party entirely, and Dave is completely over it, promptly addressing the fact that he saw her out with another guy, which--- I mean, is understandable for him to be upset, but I didn’t think was a huge deal. Nonetheless, Dave doesn’t feel like she’s all in and asks her to leave.

I wasn’t expecting that.

She starts crying and sweating and I feel really bad for her, but girl go home before your makeup stains your cute dress.

Callie was on the prowl and found Dave alone. They played pool and she ends up making—and winning-- a bet of a kiss from him if she made a shot in before he did.

Tara, who I also like, and David have history. They moved to Atlanta around the same time, but never got a chance to date each other, so I think it’s really cute that the stars may be aligning this time around, and I’m happy that they got a chance to chat.

Fast forward, David takes Maya into the house to talk to her about the issues she’s having with the other girls.  She feels like she’s being bullied and attacked.  She’s flustered, and the conversations ends with a kiss.

Us: Yelling at the T.V. because he’s doing EXACTLY opposite of what Dr. Pepper advised.

At Vanessa’s cocktail party, she’s able to speak to Nathan again, who seems more genuine than last time. He explains to Vanessa that he became a police officer because he likes to help people and she seems taken to that.

Vanessa also asks our homeboy Dre how he would feel if---hypothetically speaking---she asked him to cut his hair. Not the blonde quiff, sis! It’s his signature!  

I’m a little distracted by James, the fellas nicknamed him “Deebo” and his velvet shirt.  Baby, it’s at least 80 degrees even when the sun sets in Georgia on a good night, and you wore the hottest fabric known to man.

Well, it’s time to cut.  Vanessa and David each shake hands with the singles and ask the ones they’re not continuing with to meet them inside. This is the worst part of course, but Vanessa cuts her 15, seamlessly. David? Sigh. He asks the girls to meet him inside—including Jennifer, again—and home girl has an entire meltdown. Once again, begins begging him not to send her home. And once she gets inside, she starts cursing and carrying on. The other girls, graciously accept their dismissal, but Jen is lamenting over David’s so called, “bad decisions.” Last week, we were shocked at her reaction. This time?

Go home and do some yoga and rebalance your chakras, beloved because something ain’t right. Whew. Glad that’s over.  It’s down to 10 each and now the real fun begins. Vanessa. David. I hope you’re ready.